Best Online Courses to Learn Korean Language for Students

Whether you’re an exchange student, a fan of K-Pop or someone who loves Asian cultures, learning Korean can be a fun and rewarding experience. But where do you start? With so many online resources available, it can be difficult to choose the ones which are suited to your skill level. Let’s take a look at some of the best online courses you should check out if you want to learn the Korean language as a student.

1. First Step Korean – Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform with a variety of topics to learn about, Korean language included. First Step Korean is an elementary-level course curated by instructor Seung Hae Kang and is sponsored by the Yonsei University. The course features over 10 subtitle options and covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It is a free entry course into the Korean language, and it will improve your student survival skills while traveling.

2. Introduction to Korean – Future Learn

This course goes beyond teaching students about the Korean language and delves into Korean culture and history as well. Created by the Hanyang University of Seoul, Introduction to Korean aims to help students learn how to hold conversations in Korean quickly and easily. Combined with a cheap research paper writing service, you can even write and format college papers on Korean topics for your academic projects. The course also covers commonly used phrases, vocabulary, numbers, as well as spelling and grammar in great detail, making this a great choice for learning.

3. Korean Class 101

As a more advanced online learning option, we have Korean Class 101. This is a website dedicated to learning Korean and features audio and video lessons, app-based learning, and personalized teacher tracking. With free education essay examples available to you, you will be able to write notes and format them into learning references easily.  The platform offers three learning packages depending on your available time and plans for using the Korean language. You can check out student reviews on the website before making the decision, and with a hefty discount for first-time visitors, you can’t go wrong.

4. 90 Day Korean

As its name might suggest, this course aims to teach students Korean in 90 days with its intuitive learning approach. The course consists of various lesson types, weekly lessons, audio materials, and live native Korean teachers tracking your progress. It is very streamlined and free of any materials which would confuse you unnecessarily during the 90-day learning process. Regular check-ins and interaction with other learners are also there to motivate you to make the most out of the course. For students who like structured and planned learning, this is the perfect opportunity to learn Korean.

5. Talk to Me in Korean

If you’re ready to devote yourself to learning Korean long-term, Talk to Me in Korean is the perfect fit for you. The platform is designed with comprehensive, native-level learning in mind, with a robust system of Korean language resources. It consists of videos, quizzes, downloadable notes, and certification just to name a few noteworthy features. While learning, you can keep free education essay examples close by and compare Korean notes and writing to English while writing your notes. You can learn Korean by using authentic Korean textbooks and resources, and all you need is some patience and dedication on your part.

6. Korean Language – Duolingo

Students can sometimes be too busy to devote long hours to learning a foreign language. However, with Duolingo, you can take bite-sized lessons whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Pay for an essay online from a writing professional and devote your spare time to improving your language skills. There are always a few subjects that do not bring joy, so let the academic experts deal with them.

Duolingo is a learning app with a dedicated Korean language course available for free. The course will slowly guide you through the language starting with spelling and common phrases to entire conversational sentences. Duolingo is gamified, meaning that you will be incentivized to come back every day to gather points, rank on leaderboards, and interact with other learners. 

Wrapping Up

Learning Korean from home is difficult, but it’s not impossible. By learning Korean, you will open personal and professional doors in your life which would otherwise be left untapped.

There are many valuable digital resources to take advantage of and do something good for yourself. Go through the options we’ve listed and see if you can spot the one that suits your needs and learning habits. 

Bio: Merissa Moore is a content writing specialist, copywriter, and language learner with extensive experience teaching English to ex-pats. She is a passionate, dedicated writer who enjoys sharing learning tools with others through her articles, papers, and studies. Merissa is a tutor in her spare time and enjoys journaling about her life.