The Types of Accommodation and Tips For Selecting Them

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

With the growing world, the education system is also growing. Education has become very important in us because at this our whole life and career depends. People are also understanding the importance of education. People are pursuing higher education to make their career life better. Now international education has also gained a lot of importance, many people are going abroad to pursue their higher studies. Pursuing professional or management courses from abroad provide a great job or career opportunities. But going abroad is not as easy as it is to think about it. It requires a lot of planning and documentation formalities. Finding a place to live abroad is one of the important things to plan. 

You can easily find a place to live abroad with the help of the internet. Your lifestyle and budget play an important part in determining the place you need to survive abroad. There are different types of accommodation that you can take on rent a studio apartment in Tay Ho, 2 bedrooms or a 3 bedroom. The following are the types of accommodation:

Studio: the studio is a type of the cheapest flat that you can take on rent. This is a type of apartment that you will be sharing with other students living there. You will be sharing your room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. If you are comfortable in sharing then this is the best choice as the rent shall be shared. You easily find a studio online. For example, you are going to Coventry (a city in England) to pursue your higher studies and you want a studio to live there. You need to search on the web with Coventry student accommodation studio and results will pop up on your screen. You can select the best one out of the result as per your requirements like distance from University or rent charges.

En-suite: en-suits are apartments with separate bedrooms, especially large bedrooms. These are expensive as compared to other types of accommodation like a studio. If you can afford to pay high rent or you like privacy then this is the best choice.

On-campus accommodation: this type of accommodation is rented by the universities or school that you have taken admission in. These types of accommodation are expensive as compared to off-campus placements. But it won’t cause to spend extra on furniture. This is a good option, only if, your pocket allows you to pay for it.

Private halls of residences: these are the halls that are given on rent by the owner of the residences. You can also know about this type of accommodation by searching online on the web. If the search results suit your requirement then you should go for this option, otherwise, there are many different options also.

Shared apartments: this is a type of shared accommodation where you will be sharing your apartment with three to four persons. You will be provided with different rooms with attached bathrooms. But you will be given a common kitchen, drawing room, etc. The advantage of this type of apartment is that it will decrease your cost of utilities like gas, electricity, water, etc.

Dual occupancy studio: this type of accommodation is specially provided for couples, where they will live together.

However, apart from the types of accommodation, there are many other things about the accommodation that you need to consider. Whilst studying, they plan to stay at the high-end student accommodation by Scape.

The following are the things or points that you need to consider before selecting or finalizing the accommodation:

Budget: this is the most important consideration, the budget is an important consideration in everything that involves spending money, and the same for this case. If you can afford to pay high rent then you can go for en-suite or on-campus accommodation or if your pocket does not allow you to spend in paying high rents then shared apartments can be a good choice. It all depends on your budget.

Accommodation quality: accommodation quality is also one of the important things that need to be considered before finalizing accommodation. Quality of accommodation means is accommodation look the same in reality as it is shown in the pictures. You need to make a visit to assure about the quality of the apartment.

Network issues: using a mobile phone has become very common. We use it either for making calls or using the internet. We do a lot of our stuff on the internet. Therefore, it is essential is to check whether the apartment you have finalized does not have network issues. If it has network issues then you should change your choice as it is impossible not to use a mobile phone.

The behaviour of the landlord: you can know about the behaviour of the landlord from the neighbours of the apartment. If the behaviour of the landlord is not good then it can be very problematic. It can cause you many difficulties like-gating system.

Lease agreements: knowing about the lease agreements is very important. You should sign the lease agreement only if it suits your requirements or habits, if not, then you should probably find another place.

Note down every impurity: It is important to note it down or take pictures on your phone of every impurity where you are planning to move in. Impurities such as cracks, holes, etc. If you don’t do this it might be possible that you will have to pay for the damage which is not caused by you.

Roommates: knowing about roommates with whom you are going to share your apartment is also very important. Like if you are a morning person but your roommates are exactly the opposite or vice-versa then it can be very problematic for you.

All the points mentioned above, you should consider and check very carefully. If you won’t consider all these things or won’t take care of it then it can cause you many problems. Acting carefully is better than repenting later on.

You should also know about the refund policy. Like due to any circumstances, you have to change your place but you already have paid rent that has not to cover in your living duration then knowing about refund policies, in that case, is very important.