Where to Buy Differin Gel in the Philippines?

where to buy differin gel in the philippines

This cult-face Differin Gel, which was first approved as a prescription drug in 1996, contains an acne-fighting retinoid called adapalene, which treats two causes of acne: clogged pores and inflammation. But since it has become available over-the-counter, especially on Amazon, you can find it now in some local Philippines sellers. Below are some sellers I trust where to buy Differin Gel in the Philippines.

JJ SKIN LAB – This a new seller I discovered in Shopee and they sell a lot of Western drugstore brands like Differin, Eucerin, La Roche-Posay, Nature’s Bounty, and more.

HAPPY FACTORY PH – Another Shopee seller that sells a lot of Western brands, but not just drugstore brands like Differin. They also have Rare Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Cerave, and more.

SHOPPE USA – As written on their store name, this shop sells items from the US, not just beauty brands but also food and supplements.

GET UNREADY WITH ME – One of my go-to beauty sellers in Shopee. They sell beauty products that are not yet officially available locally like The Ordinary, Krave Beauty, Glow Recipe, The Inkey List, and more including Differin.

ETYMOLOGY – This was one of the many local sellers where I buy The Ordinary products, when I was still using them. And just like the seller above, this one also sells hard-to-find brands like Glossier, CereVe, and more. And recently, they also added Differin in their store.

So far these are the only two sellers I trust where to buy Differin gel in the Philippines. But as always, when I found more, I’ll update this list.