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How To Keep Fit In The Summer Heat

Let’s admit it, we all eat and exercise differently during different times of the year. We tend to eat more during fall and winter, and as soon spring is here we immediately start counting calories in order to get our summer bodies ready.

But what do you do when summer is finally here? Do you know how to keep fit when the temperatures are extremely high?

If you keep reading you will find some of the best tips that will help you keep fit in the summer heat.

Drink lots of water

Make sure you substitute all other beverages that contain sugar with water. Water will help your body process the food you eat and will suppress your appetite as well. Did you know that water will keep your body temperature low during your workouts? If you are not sure whether you are drinking enough water always check your urine. If the color is pale yellow or clear it means that you are well hydrated, and if not make sure you grab a bottle of water and take it everywhere with you.

Don’t skip meals.

Everyone tends to eat less in the boiling temperatures but that doesn’t mean that you should skip your meals. As soon as you get up, have your breakfast in order to fuel your body and get it going for the day. Keep in mind not to get stuffed, so watch out for the cues that show you that you are full. Emotional eating can be bad for your shape.

If you aren’t feeling well in the heat make sure you visit and consult a doctor. Do you know that Medicare Supplement plans have changed as of January 2020? It’s good to get informed about the Medigap and the things that it covers now.

Also, do you know how many calories you burn each day? To stay fit, track your daily calories and macro intake with this awesome TDEE calculator by

Schedule the right time for a workout.

Picking the right time to workout in summer can be a little bit tricky. The best option during this time of the year is to get up early and get it done while the air is still fresh. The summer heat may beat you and you may feel tired and unmotivated to finish your exercises at the end of the day. If it helps, staying in condo units such as Soho Central which wellness amenities can truly help in sustaining regular workouts.

Plan an active vacation.

Don’t go for the usual vacation where you just lay around, eat, and drink. Make sure you book something different this year as horse riding, surfing on an island, or bicycling in the mountains. In this way, you will have an amazing summer while keeping fit at the same time.

Avoid drinking alcohol.

I know that summer and parties go hand in hand together, but if you want to stay in shape, say no to that glass of a cocktail. Just one drink can mess up all your workouts that you have done the previous days.

Eat fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy snacks.

Summer is full of delicious fruits and veggies, so it’s a pity not to grab them and enjoy them while they are in season. Instead of reaching for an ice cream, get your favorite fruit. And instead of making it a smoothie, eat it as a whole cause the fiber will make it longer to consume and you won’t feel hungry quickly afterwards.

To sum up

Keeping fit in the summer heat can be tricky but these tips will get you going in the right direction!