Tips On Looking After Your Skin From A Young Age

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We all want great-looking, and healthy skin, and not enough people realize the importance of looking after their skins from a young age. It is never too late to start following a skincare regime, but the younger you start, the better. Beautiful looking skin boosts confidence and makes us feel better about ourselves. Keeping our skin clean, plays a vital role in maintaining great-looking and healthy skin. When washing your skin, it removes dead cells and promotes new cell growth. You are also removing dirt and excess oil from the skin surface.

How To Clean Your Skin

  • Wash your entire body each day with warm water and mild soap. If your skin gets irritated or itchy from using soap, use a sorbolene cream instead.
  • Always rinse all the soap off to avoid skin irritation.
  • Wash your face twice daily with soap and a facecloth or sorbolene and rinse with cool water. Avoid too much cleansing that can damage the skin.
  • Never scrub abrasively since it can damage your skin.
  • The body produces sebum, its own moisturizer, which helps to protect our skin by forming a layer. If you wash your skin too much, you can remove too much sebum, and your skin will end up feeling itchy and dry.

Sun Protection

Always wear sunscreen of 30spf or 50spf when you are going outside, mainly in the sun to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

When You Are Starting To Use Make-Up

Once you are starting using make-up, it is recommended to begin following a skincare regime every day. Look for tween skin care products that are best for your skin, preferably those that are made from natural ingredients. Organic is always better.


An essential step in a skincare routine is cleansing. This helps in removing dead skin cells and excessive oil. Remember to remove make-up every night before going to bed.


Toners are typically alcohol-based, and they help with removing oils from the skin and leave your skin feeling tight and clean. Skincare products can cost a pretty penny, so if you don’t want to include toner as well, splashing your face with cold water after cleansing will help with leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean.


Moisturizers are essential for keeping your skin moisturized during the day as well as night. They leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.


When you live in a place that tends to get very hot, you should always wear sunscreen during the day.

Other Tips For Promoting Healthy And Glowing Skin In Your Teens

  • Drink loads of water since it keeps you hydrated, and it’s good for helping healthy skin.
  • Exercise frequently since it is not just keeping you fit, but it is also good for your skin.
  • A healthy diet ensures your skin is getting essential minerals and vitamins to perform all the tasks it is supposed to.

Remember to have fun too. A happy and smiling face looks tremendous, and frowning too much will only leave you with unsightly frown lines when you get older.