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Beauty and Makeup Trends Around the World

Keeping up with the latest trends in makeup and beauty industry is a critical part of life for many people. Whether that might be women who are looking to join an Asian dating website or just the average person who is looking to spice up their looks and get their hands on some of the latest styles that are trending, there are a lot of these trends that are continually changing. In this post, we are going to focus on a couple of the latest trends that have been noticed throughout the world. We will focus on trends for both men and women to give everyone an opportunity.

The Latest Trends for Men

Whether you are a man looking to meet Asian women or simply want to up your game when you go out for a date in your local area, keeping up with the latest beauty trends for men can definitely be helpful.

One of the biggest fashion trends for men in 2019 is a mane that is left to run wild. Men are walking around with thick hair and preferring that “bedhead” style in recent months. Some men are keeping it very casual, while others are taking the “bedhead” hairstyle and adding some elegant twists to the style.

One particular style that we should definitely note here is the fact that men seem to be tapering their body hair. Instead of completely trimming down all body hair to the same level, we are seeing unique tapering shapes being created by men.

In one publication, we also note that makeup is something becoming trendy among men around the world. Concealer is one particular makeup product that is becoming very popular among men in the modern-day. In addition to concealer, we are also seeing men becoming more interested in products like lip gloss, as well as eyebrow brushing. There are now even some brands that specialize in producing these makeup products that are engineered specifically for male skin.

The Latest Trends for Women

When it comes to trends for women, we are seeing trending fashion, beauty, and makeup factors in various areas of the world quickly rising up. In Japan, women are opting for generous layers of moisturizers, along with some highlights. These women are also turning toward rosy blushes – barely visible, but still enough to get noticed. This creates the “doll” appearance that so many people do love.

In France, we have women going back to the basics. Instead of carrying a complete arsenal of makeup products, women in this country are rather focusing on a chick look that brings out their natural beauty. You are not likely to find women in the country carrying more than a light foundation, a red lipstick, and a black mascara in their bags.

When we take a look at Brazil, we also seeing a lot of bronze and golden colors. In Canada, we are seeing a lot of bolder brows. Fuller brows are considered trending in this country. On the other side, we also see women preferring a look that is not too much. They are keeping things simple and rather focusing on their eyebrows.

Over to Russia, we have noticed an increasing trend in lash extensions. Women in this country enjoy a truly feminine look. They often take things to the next level. Apart from lash extensions, a sophisticated appearance is often seen in these women.

Taking a look at the United States, we are seeing some of the older makeup trends making a comeback. In fact, a lot of the latest trends that have a combination of a couple of styles that come from the 80s, combined with that “pin-up” appearance from the 50s. We are seeing bold brows, full and long lashes, and a lot of bright colors in women who are keeping up with the more recent fashion trends in this particular country.


Keeping up with the latest trends in terms of beauty, as well as makeup, is great for both men and women who take the fashion and their appearance serious. We looked at some of the latest trends around the world in this post, allowing you to stay in style and look great, no matter where you are planning to go.