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Important Tips That You Should Follow to Properly Store Your Make-up Kits

Don’t you just hate it when your make-up drawer looks messy and your house feels disorganized? Admit it, when you place your beauty products anywhere in the house, it looks untidy, boring, and disorderly. To top it off, you tend to lose most of your make-ups just when you require them.

Annoying, right? It’s worth noting that when you store your beauty products anywhere, they tend to expire before the expiration period, and worse, they can react negatively with your skin. Isn’t that frustrating? But the cool thing is that you can avoid these disappointments by storing your make-up kits properly. You’re probably wondering how. Well, read on and you’ll get the vital tips that you can follow to correctly store your beauty products.

Facial products and Lippies

According to Hartman Rachel, a lifestyle writer, storing some of your beauty products like lotions in hot places as well as where there is mildew, can make them melt, or worse, get toxic. To top it off, storing some moisturizers, especially those prepared with SPF in direct sunlight, can make them react negatively when applied to your skin.

As if that’s not enough, some may turn brown and, therefore, expire faster than you think. What’s the solution then? Read the instructions on where to store your moisturizers before deciding where you can place them. Secondly, ensure that you put them in a dark and cool place.

Styling Products

Some beauty products like Shampoos and hair conditioners can be well organized in your bathroom cabinet. However, it’s a big NO to store your hair styling treatments like masks just anywhere in the house. It’s worth noting that storing these treatments in direct sunlight can affect the formula present in the treatment. What’s the solution then? Ensure that you neatly arrange all styling treatment in your drawer to ensure that they’re not in direct contact with heat.

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Liquid Products, Fragrances, and Nail Polish

According to Ni’Kita Wilson, a Cosmetic Chemist, refrigerated liquid beauty products and fragrances tend to have a longer expiration period compared to those stored at room temperature. That sounds great, but what’s the catch? Not everyone has enough space for a refrigerator. However, you don’t have to tense as the solution is simple.

Ensure that you replace the HVAC filters in your home regularly to maintain a cool temperature which is suitable for your beauty products like nail polish. Likewise, organize your liquid products as well as fragrances in a drawer and ensure that the container is tightly sealed. This also ensures the product doesn’t break easily.

Powdered Beauty kits

It’s worth noting that for your powdered beauty products like eyeshadows and blushes to have a long life, you must ensure that they maintain their color. But what happens when you place the products in direct sunlight? The UV spoils the pigments thus making your products to fade. To avoid this damage, ensure you arrange the powdered products in your drawer neatly and not by a window or where they can be in contact with direct sunlight.

Not everyone knows that storing beauty products anywhere can affect the expiry period as well as their quality. Therefore, it’s essential to read each beauty kit’s label to know where exactly you should store the product for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, it’s worth noting that storing most beauty products in direct sunlight or heat will definitely affect their quality. Therefore, ensure that you neatly organize all make-up kits in a cool place.