tiffany young 18-step beauty routine

All The Beauty Products in Tiffany Young’s Epic 18-Step Beauty Routine

She uses 3 products EACH on her brows and lashes

Anyone who loves putting on makeup knows that the “no makeup, makeup look” is actually one of the hardest things to do, and you’ll use more products than you expected. And no, all makeup junkies know that neither the cult-fave Glossier products are enough to nail the look. So I’m kinda baffled that people were surprised with the so-called “Epic Tiffany Young 18-Step Beauty Routine” on how much products she used. Well, I guess some people are still not that used or have no idea how much women actually use in their beauty routines.

For those who don’t know Tiffany Young, she’s a member of the popular k-pop girl band called Girl’s Generation but right now she’s promoting her solo album in the US.

Though while some are still questioning the amount of those products, some are actually searching the internet for the names and brand of all those beauty products she used in the Vogue video. If you’re one of those, search no more! Because some kind soul from Reddit shared the list of all the products Tiffany Young used in the Vogue video. I listed them all below with the links where you can buy them.

  1. Face Mask: Hanacure Women’s The All-In-One Facial Starter Face Mask, $34.91 in Amazon.
  2. Toner: Innisfree Firming Energy Essence with Fermented Soybean, $36.96 in Yes Style.
  3. Eye Serum: Innisfree Moisture Volumizing Eye Serum with Lava Seawater, $29.36 in Yes Style.
  4. Primer:
  5. Foundation: RMK Liquid Foundation, $45 in Look Fantastic & Selfridges.
  6. Lip Balm: Buxom Powerplump Lip Balm, $18 in Sephora & Ulta.
  7. Concealer: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer, $32 in Sephora.
  8. Powder: IPKN Perfume Powder Pact, $25 in Yes Style.
  9. Eyebrows:
  10. Blush:
    • Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher, $7 in Style Korean.
    • 3CE Mood Recipe Face Blush, $18 in Style Nanda.
    • Innisfree Mineral Fit Stick Blusher in Peach, $13 in Yes Style.
  11. Highlight: Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter, $30 in Sephora & Ulta.
  12. Bronzer:
    • Etude House Face Shine Highlighter, $9 in Yes Style.
    • Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder in 3, $38 in Sephora.
  13. Eyeshadow/Eyeliner:
  14. Mascara:
  15. Lip: Espoir ColorConic Velvet Tint Lacquer (Youth Vibe Collection) in Fall in Rose, $21 in Yes Style.

You can watch her Tiffany Young’s 18-Step Beauty Routine in Vogue YouTube Channel below:

What do you think of her routine and the products she uses? Share your thoughts below!