Where to Buy BTS Albums in the Philippines?

where to buy bts albums in the philippines
Image Source: BT Twitter

I think there’s no need to introduce who are BTS. If you don’t know them then you definitely live under a rock or at bottom of the ocean, because even people who lives in the middle of the forest knows them. Kidding aside, with their growing popularity comes with people who resells their merch and especially their albums in a very high price. Or worst, scammers! Below is my list of legit stores and resellers where to buy BTS albums in the Philippines.

  1. WEVERSE SHOP – This is the official store where you can buy BTS albums. This app is owned by HYBE Label (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment) and they ship directly from South Korea to your doorstep in the Philippines via DHL or UPS. The only downside is, direct shipping is expensive. It cost around $30 now. Also, if you bought more than 3 albums of the same title, the Philippine customs will ask for an OMB (Optical Media Board) Certificate.
  2. N.CAT PHILIPPINES – This is a local store in the Philippines that sells Kpop albums, lightsticks, and Korean accessories. They have physical stores in some stores in Metro Manila but they also have Shopee and Lazada stores. This is where I bought some of BTS’ old albums and they’re all legit since I was able to scan the QR codes in the Weverse app to get a cashback. (TAKE NOTE: Starting August 1, 2021, all QR codes in the BTS albums are only allowed to be scanned for a year after the album’s release date.)
  3. CNA PHILIPPINES – Another local store that sells kpop albums, lightsticks, accessories, and other more merch. And just like the store above, CNA both have Shopee and Lazada pages.
  4. KPOP MERCH – This is one of the most popular kpop merch stores in Shopee. They don’t only sell albums, but every latest merch from your favorite kpop groups. They even sell albums with POB! The only downside is their prices are a little higher than the rest of the stores on this list. But if you compared their price with the Weverse shipping fee, I think it’s still a little cheaper. Plus, you won’t need to get an OMB certificate if you decide to buy more than 3 albums of the same title. I recommend this for people who are impatient because their shipping is fast as well compared to Twitter and IG resellers.
  5. ALING NOONA – They’re my go-to store for vintage BTS merch but they also sell their latest merch and albums. They have a shopper in Korea and they can also assist you with Weverse purchases. You can visit their website for their on-hand items, or send them a DM on their Instagram @ichinikochini.ph if there’s a specific merch you’re looking for.
  6. OSHARE PH – For Japan Exclusive albums and merch, you can go to this Japan-based shopper. Just send them a DM and they will buy it for you if it is available in Japan.
  7. DEKU SHOPU – Another Japan-based shopper. Just like the shopper above, you can DM them and they’ll purchase it for you. They can assist you in purchasing any items from Japan. I believe they also assist you with Mercari purchases.

So far these are the store and resellers I know where to buy BTS albums in the Philippines. I personally buy from them and can vouch for them.