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A Closer Look at Descriptive Writing

There are different types of research papers and works that are submitted throughout the term and descriptive essays are one of them. This essay is frequently used in social studies or while doing some experiments. The descriptive essay represents a detailed description of the place, event, or any other object with the aim of distinguishing its most prominent features. The narrator should look at the object impartially, and there should not be any subjective thoughts when the story is told. This type of essay is concentrated on pure facts and eliminates any feelings of the author in the text. Only in conclusion one can make some analysis and express his/her opinion. We decided to guide you through the various types of descriptive writing, so it can be easier for you to cope with it while you study.

Descriptive and narrative ways

There are two methods you can use in this type of essay: descriptive and narrative. The narrative method includes only facts, events, and actions that are exposed to the public in a clear and understandable way. This is why it is important to use clear language when dealing with a narrative strategy.

The descriptive method uses more sensory phrases that deliver your experience and feeling about the objects to the audience. This is very important, as people have to understand what exactly happened or is being discussed about the issue. Compare it to the storytelling or painting of a picture by the artist. You need to show the audience the full picture and details of the fact, event, or object using your senses. You should be aware of the right way of character development to make your story impressive.

Some of the scientists also put persuasive and expository types into the count, but they are included in the general two types described above.


What is the purpose of a descriptive essay? It is to show the full picture of the issue you study. The reason to do that is to show things as they are now and as they are in these circumstances. Suppose you decide to show how workers behave under growing pressure. You set up frames, and then you collect the information on what they do, what they say, and even how they feel. You can use a sample of descriptive essay to understand how to do it right. Then you look at the indicators of their performance and note everything down. This will give people a better understanding of what actually happens there – on the inner side.



In this part of the essay, you have to introduce the object of your study and set a purpose for why you want to learn about it. You can also use some quotes and do a literature review to support the importance of the issue you write about.


This part usually consists of three paragraphs. The first one has to deal with the object. Write all the details about it and give a rich portrait of it to the audience.

The second part includes a description of the surrounding objects and circumstances. This will give a broader understanding of what is scrutinized. The third part touches upon the reader`s senses and emotions this is connected to his/her empathetic emotions about the object.


In this section, you need to outline the main ideas of the essay, prove why the certain object was chosen and how it is linked to the topic you study. You can also make some assumptions in this part, but be sure that you stress out this fact.

To start your own descriptive essay, you need to choose the object first and then begin studying it for a period of time. This period must be significant enough so you can do decent scientific conclusions. Try to distance yourself from it and step into the shoes of the explorer that wants to figure out what happens on the untouched territory.