The Basics Of Caring For The Elderly

When it comes to caring for the elderly, you have to take into account individual care preferences and the different requirements that people have. 

Taking a course is essential for a job as a care worker in health and social care in a senior home care agency

You can also volunteer to gain more experience. But completing a course like a HLT33115 health services course is always the best option, where you will learn everything necessary for the role. For more information about aged care services head over to Oxa Care.

Prioritize Person-Centered Care

Everyone is an individual and this does not change as you get older.  With everyone being different, they need to be treated as an individual.  Each elderly person will have their own preference for care and they deserve to be heard. Check aged care facility in Kingswood.

However, catering to the unique requirements of each person can be hard and inconvenient for carers.  Time is generally not on their side.  However, it is important to remember that small annoyances can become magnified when dealing with some elderly people who do not have a lot to occupy their time. 

It is generally the little things that can make a big difference in care.  If you have the time, you should listen to what each person you care for has to say.  Building a rapport will help you cater to their needs better. Try to engage in some creative activities with your loved ones. You can create a life storybook of their life with old photos and videos or maybe ask them to create one for the younger generation. They can always take help from digital life story templates.

Dignity Is Vital

As we age, life doesn’t get easier.  This results in a lot of elderly people feeling pain, loneliness, sadness, and boredom.  It is very easy for their dignity to be compromised, particularly when they have care needs. 

The inability to wash and incontinence can be humiliating for them.  This is why you need to treat all elderly people with respect.  Doing this as Assisted living resource can help them to maintain their dignity.  It can make a big difference to talk to them while you work and complete everything as efficiently and quickly as possible.  Speed and reliability will be appreciated by the elder people you care for.

Strive To Understand

The best carers understand that the elderly people they care for will be forgetful and grumpy at times.  There are some older people who appear to regress and become more childlike when they are cared for.  This is particularly common if they have had support for a prolonged period.  In these situations, it is important to remember that they might say things that do not make sense.  They may also express outdated views and become impatient, but they still deserve compassion. 

Confidentiality And Privacy Can Be Challenging

In any kind of care, privacy should be a priority.  Information such as the care programme of the elderly person and any details of their illness will need to be kept confidential.  The only times this is not the case is when you are concerned about the welfare of the person. 

If you become a regular confidante to the person, it can create a new challenge for you.  They might ask you for advice or need emotional support from you.  Tensions in a family can also be a challenge to work around, but you need to remain professional and you should never get involved in any family disputes. 

Poor Care, Neglect And Abuse Need To Be Reported

If you notice a situation where abuse of some form is occurring, you need to understand the importance of encouraging the person to speak up.  You also need to encourage them to make decisions about what is happening to them.  There are many cases where elderly people are reluctant to admit that a family member is unwilling or unable to provide them with care.  You need to raise your concerns with the company that you work with or the local authorities in these cases. 

Dependability And Reliability Are Important

When you do not arrive when you are supposed to, your elderly patients will start to lose faith in you and the care company you work for.  It can take one mistake with a rota to unsettle them.  A lot of older people have been independent their whole lives and having to rely on someone they view as unreliable is a major challenge for them.

In some cases, the elder individual will attempt to care for themselves believing that the carer will not come.  This can easily lead to dangerous situations such as the person trying to use the stairs on their own or climbing into the bath.  Something as simple as getting out of bed could become risky if the person is unstable on their feet.  An elderly person who is already weak could be severely harmed by a fall. Installing adjustable hospital beds for home use will prevent the risk of falling and will add comfort to daily living.

The Ability To Communicate Varies

There are some elderly people who have difficulties having a conversation. If they have suffered a stroke, their speech could be affected and maybe they need speech therapy. If you are a Canadian local, schedule a myofunctional therapy Toronto and Ontario area since they have a lot of great professionals. Many older people also struggle with their hearing, and you need to speak clearly for them. When you work with elderly people, you need to explore different methods for communication.