I Regrew my Receding Hairline with these 5 Effective Tips!

I have always had thin fine hair though at the same time I was blessed with a full mane of hair. The earliest signs of hair loss came for me during my college days. Of course I was completely carefree and did not really pay heed to what might be causing it.

Few weeks down the road, you could actually see my scalp! This is when my inner alarms blazed off… I was becoming bald!

Long and behold I turned to my friend who is a successful hair doctor in Karachi and told him about my condition. To my surprise I learnt quite a few things about my condition. After much research and testing I successfully managed to not only retain my leftover hair but also regrown but have a thicker hairline than before.

Before I move on I want to be clear that these tips will help both men and women.

Here is how I helped in recovering my hairline!

5 Best Tips for Hair Loss

I Turned Towards my Diet

They often say diet is bigger than a food style. It’s actually a complete lifestyle, what we eat truly determines our exterior and what goes on with our skin and scalp. When I first started exercising, I was also experimenting with the newly in keto diet (a complete fad diet, I do not recommend it at all!!) It was during that time that I experienced hair loss. Later when I reflected on the cause of it, it was quite obvious. You see ripping your body off of the nutrients it has known to grow with can actually be harmful. Whenever you cut out nutritious stuff from your diet, you will see the lack of it on your skin and hair. Once I understood the importance of having a fully nutrition balanced diet I incorporated the following foods in my diet that also known to help with your hair regrowth;

  • Carrot juice
  •  Apples
  • Aloe Vera
  • Milk (whatever you prefer)
  • Good healthy organic butter
  • Eggs
  • Spinach

Adding supplements to your diet is so equally important. Take some good supplements with biotin as a supplement as well.

Head Massage

Massages are not a luxury, rather they are a necessity. With so much pollution and chemical exposure, our scalp is not properly nourished with blood. This is why it is important to massage your head daily. You do not have to massage it with heaps of oil, rather a few seconds of upside down head massage will do the trick. Not only will your scalp feel nourished you will also feel fresh and active. Make sure your fingers are very gentle and do not rip your hair follicles.

The Magic Potion

Here is what helped my hair the most

DIY Recipe Alert!

I took one onion, half ginger and grated them to a paste. You can also extract their juice, either way it has to be of a runny consistency. Next I took two big heaps of olive oil, 1 spoon of warmed coconut oil, and 1 tbsp. of castor oil. Next add some aloe Vera and grind all of these together. Once you have the potion with you, massage it 1 hour before washing your hair. Use this at least thrice a week and keep doing it until you find your result.

Remember to do a skin patch test before to know if you are allergic to anything.

Some people may also advise you to get minoxidil for your hair, but I did manage to grow my hairline back without using this. You can consult with your doctor if you want to.

The PRP Therapy

This is an alternate plasma therapy that uses blood plasma for regrowing of your hair. What happens is that they extract your blood, separate your plasma and then inject it back in your scalp. I suggest this to everyone who has almost no hairline and is truly struggling in regrowing their hair back. On a side note PRP also happens to be a little bit more expensive than the rest of at home procedures. So if you want to get this procedure by all means, make sure to save a little bit beforehand. One of my friends got his treatment from medicentre general hospitaland paid $1500 for each treatment.

Go Chemical Free with your Hair

Put all this hair gels and hair mousses in the trash for at least 3 months straight. Wear a cap if you feel hideous but by all means do not let any chemical touch your scalp! For me at first I felt my whole look changed and frankly I would avoid going outside with my friend because of how messy my hair looked. However, after a few weeks of no gel I finally started feeling my scalp lighter and my hair in a much better shape. With time my hair adjusted on its own!

To Wrap it All Up!

Be kind to your hair, while you still have them. It is always important to start early when it comes to hair treatments and hair care. So before you get into expensive hair transplants, try this on your own and do let us know in the comment below whether you have managed to secure your hair game strong or not.