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5 Reasons You Should Choose a Humidifier for Dry Skin

Majority of the people just think humidifiersto be like a common home device, purchased just to balance the humidity levels at home.

But believe me! It does much more than that.

Natural treatments, herbal products, and various moisturizing creams or lotions work wonders for our skin. Also, there are various cooking ingredients at home and backyard plants that can actually save our skin from different ailments.

But the benefits of installing a humidifier for skin conditions are far greater. These are actually designed to improve the dry air quality in your home or office, thereby enhancing your health as well as overall looks as it helps in relieving various skin problems in the dry winter season.

Not only in winters but also in summer when the air is too warm and dry, these devices can be used for hydrating your skin and enhancing the dry itchy skin problems.

5 Benefits of Installing Humidifier for Skin

Studies showed that by keeping the optimum levels of humidity in the room (between 30-50 percent) these cool mist humidifier for dry skin can easily overcome the problems related to dry air and dry skin. Also, it helps in avoiding the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses in the air.

By eliminating the real cause (dry air), some of the best benefits delivered by installing the best ultrasonic humidifier for dry skin are:

  1. Helps in getting rid of chapped lips in winters
  2. Takes care of extremely cracked skin on hands, legs and heel
  3. Helps in getting rid of acne, eczema and other skin related problems
  4. Helps to prevent dandruff, irritation of dry scalp and dry hair problems
  5. Helps in smoothening out dry wrinkles making your skin look soft supple and younger

Besides alleviating various types of skin issues, humidifier also helps in relieving allergies like asthma, sinuses, cold, flu, nose bleeds, dry eyes, sore throat, dry nasal passages, and many more.

Tips for Choosing the Best Humidifier for Skin Problems

As such there are variety of humidifiers available these days to choose from. And it is always advised to know about, compare and choose the best type of device that suit your purpose when you are in market full of various types humidifiers.

While you are making a choice it is also important to know the details about warm as well as cool mist humidifier as your main choice would be between these two. Where a warm mist humidifier for skin may seem to be tempting in winters buying a cool mist humidifier is much more beneficial as it is easier and safer to use for all.

Especially when you want to buy a good humidifier for a complete family, including your kids, you should go with a cool mist humidifier as it is much safe to use. In case you also want to enjoy the warm mist in winters, we recommend going with a dual mist humidifier that can provide the benefits of both warm as well as cool.

Also, you can choose the type of humidifier that filters the air in the room and throws the waste particles out creating a clear and fresh air inside to breathe and feel healthy. These come with a combo functionality of air purifier as well as a humidifier.

Today there are also furnace or whole-house humidifiers available that can be connected to HVAC system of the home to provide humidity for the whole house. Although these are bit costly, these can be good to consider if you want to humidify the whole house and not a single room.

You can just install them and switch them on to work day and night so that you can properly care for your skin while sleeping at night.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Humidifier

Cleaning and timely maintenance of your unit is equally important if you wish to get best benefits out of it. While cleaning the unit, be sure to follow the vendor’s suggestions on how to clean the unit and whether to use disinfectants or cleaning products. You can refer to the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer in the box.

If the unit does not include any specific suggestions, then use a solution consisting of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water. When a disinfecting agent or cleaning products are used, wash the tank comprehensively with tap water in order to prevent spreading of chemicals into the air.

Overall if you are suffering from the dry air problems around you there is one simple solution to bring back the normal level of humidity in the room, and that is humidifiers. Why not get them for your complete skin care this season!