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Shine Bright Like A Diamond: Heimish Artless Glow Base Review

I don’t usually use makeup base, because before I apply makeup my skin already has toner, essence, moisturizer, and sunblock. So using a base or primer feels like there’s already too many layers in my skin. But if you’re reading my blog for a while now or familiar with K-Beauty, then you know their products are created not to do just one thing. One of those is this makeup base which I received not just one but two! First, from the Style Korean Pink Blossom Box and the second one was from Philippine-based online beauty shop Go Bloom & Glow. But is it a good makeup base? Scroll down to read my Heimish Artless Glow Base review.


Heimish Artless Glow Base is a light-reflecting makeup base for a lovely luminous look. It hydrates, brightens, and protects from harmful UV rays. Its moisturizing formula claims to deliver an evener skin tone and smoother skin texture. It also claims to nourish and improve elasticity with rosehip fruit, thyme extract, Origanum majorana leaf extract, and peppermint extract, to leave the skin soft and glowing all day. It can be used on its own or under makeup. And lastly, suitable for all skin types.

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The Heimish Artless Glow Base contains Adenosine and Niacinamide that are known to have anti-aging benefits while the Niacinamide is also known to be a skin brightening ingredient. Besides those, this makeup base also contains a bunch of ingredients that are known to provide UV Protection like Titanium Dioxide, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, and more. But if you have sensitive skin, do a patch text of this product first because the Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate is a potential skin irritant. You can read more about its ingredient analysis in Skin Carisma.


APPLICATION: Apply a thin coat of base before makeup.

SCENT: I kinda smell like a powder but when applied on your skin, it doesn’t have a detectable scent.

PACKAGING: It is packaged in a tube like most BB creams and facial sunblocks. I love its peach, white and gold packaging with a minimalist geometric packaging design.

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FORMULA: It has a soft and lightweight creamy texture, not tacky but it feels a little greasy so make sure to follow the suggestion to apply thinly only or else your makeup will feel like it slides off your face or melts. It doesn’t absorb fast into the skin as well, another reason why to apply a thin layer only. But the other upside is, its radiant and pearl-like sheen finish on the skin.

RESULT: I didn’t like the Heimish Artless Glow Base the first time I applied it to my face. It felt a little greasy and looks really dewy. I have oily skin so I have issues with products with that kind of finish. But just wait 2-5 minutes (depends on the weather), it will fully absorb into your skin and the greasy feeling will be gone. It will leave your skin moisturized, hydrated, and will really give you not just bright but a radiant-looking skin. Have you watched any of the Twilight movies? Remember how the vampires shine when exposed to sunlight? Well, this product will kinda make you like that. However, you will not really shine bright like a diamond but whenever a light hits your skin, a subtle glow and sparkle will be seen. It’s lovely and subtle enough for daytime and everyday use.

heimish artless glow base review - formula
The sparkle doesn’t appear in photos but my skin looks radiant on the right photo.

Regarding its UV protection, it’s good. I live in a tropical country and using a sunscreen with at least SPF30 is a must and this Heimish Artless Glow Base contains SPF50 which is better.

You will not really shine bright like a diamond but whenever a light hits your skin, a subtle glow and sparkle will be seen. It’s lovely and subtle enough for daytime and everyday use.

Lastly, since it’s a makeup base, some of you might be thinking, does it really help the makeup last longer? That, I am still unsure. It’s because I use long-lasting foundations formulated to last long on oily skin. I haven’t used this yet on regular foundations. But my father who regularly uses a BB cream and has a dry skin said this base is alright. It last long on him.

Overall, this product shortened my morning routine. Since it’s already hydrating, moisturizing, a sun protection and makeup base, this is the only product I use after toner and before applying makeup.


PROS: It really hydrates, moisturizes, and gives good sun protection. It will also leave your skin not just bright but also radiant. It will really give you a subtle glow that sparkles a little when a light hits your skin. I highly recommend this if you want a little sparkle in your everyday look that doesn’t look like your going to a club or Coachella. And it kinda helps makeup last longer for those with dry skin.

CONS: It takes a while to set on your skin if you have oily skin so make sure to really apply it thinly. And it feels greasy in the first few minutes before settling in your skin.

heimish artless glow base review - formula
Can you see the subtle sparkles?


If you live in the Philippines, you can purchase this in Go Bloom & Glow for Php1000. They offer free shipping nationwide on orders above Php1800. And don’t forget to this coupon code MARIM60 to get ₱100 OFF on your entire order (minimum of ₱1000, single use only).

You can also purchase the Heimish Artless Glow Base in Style Korean for $15. They ship worldwide and offers free shipping in a certain amount of orders.

What do you think of this Heimish Artless Glow Base review? Have you tried a product before that really gave you a radiant look? Share your thoughts below!

**I received the product mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand or its affiliates.