the vamp stamp review

Get the Perfect Cat Eyeliner Easily: The Vamp Stamp Review

Whenever I illustrate a face of a woman, I usually draw her eyes with a cat eyeliner and I’m going to brag that they really look good. However, whenever I do it with my own eyes using the most highly raved eyeliners out there, I just couldn’t do it perfectly as I do it on paper. The other one is always too thick or too thin than the other, or the other is more pointy than the other. I’m sure most of you reading this know the struggle is real. Perfecting a cat-eye makeup like those we see from Adele and Lourd is really tricky. That’s why when I saw this product on Facebook, I knew I needed it badly. But did it live up to my expectations? Keep reading The Vamp Stamp review.

the vamp stamp review

What is it?

The Vamp Stamp promises that struggle for the perfect wing ends. You will conquer this complicated makeup technique with minimal effort, perfect symmetry and a huge dose of sexy sass. The patented stamp allows for a smooth and perfect winged eyeliner.

the vamp stamp review


APPLICATION: Simply coat the wing-shaped, double-ended tool (available in ‘Kitten’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Large’ sizes) in liquid or gel eyeliner, then press on for flawless, symmetrical flicks in a flash. And I highly recommend that you don’t use cream eyeliner because its formula is too thick for the stamp, you’ll end up with a lumpy winged eyeliner.

the vamp stamp review - application

PACKAGING: For a stick slim item this has quite a bulky box. But I like that it has very detailed instructions with photos and a lovely illustration (showed on the top photo) that will make you feel that you will really get that amazing perfectly winged eyeliner.

the vamp stamp review - packaging collage

RESULTS: The YouTube videos of ladies using The Vamp Stamp shows how easy you can get a perfect winged eyeliner, but I’m telling you now, you need practice! I know I wouldn’t get it on the first try so I decided to test it on my wrist first. The first test led to another and then another one, and next thing I know I have a wrist with a bunch of winged stamps.

To achieve the perfect winged eyeliner depends on the consistency of the liquid or gel liner you use, and the pressure you put on dipping it in and pressing it on the corner of your eyes because this is just a stamp, a guide, not magic. I use The Vamp Stamp with my Tony Moly Back Gel Eyeliner but its formula is too thick, almost a cream, so it kinda made it difficult to me because the liner ends up lumpy. But I saw others using pen liquid liners to paint the stamp so I tried it too and it works just fine. So I highly suggest that you should use this with a liquid or gel eyeliner, and never use cream.

the vamp stamp review - practice

After many practices on my wrist, I finally did it on my eyes and the result was quite nice, although I needed a bit retouching. Overall, it’s still easier than drawing with an eyeliner pen without any guide. The Vamp stamp I bought is the Kitten size which is the smallest, which you can control if you want a thick or thinner winged eyeliner.


PROS: Even though you’ll need to practice, overall, it’s easy to use. And unlike other winged stamps that come in an eyeliner pen, you can use this for a long time (since the stamp is really sturdy) and with any liquid and gel eyeliner you have. You don’t need to repurchase. This is ideal for those who like to do winged eyeliner and for makeup artists to save time.

CONS: Quite pricey.

GIMMICK OR NOT: To be honest, it looks and sounds gimmicky for me at first but it really works. If you have a hard time doing cat eyeliner and really want it, despite the price, just think you can use this for a long time and you’ll know it’s worth it. Especially if you’re a makeup artist, this will save you a LOT of time.

the vamp stamp review - result collage

Where to buy?

I bought my Vamp Stamp from Cult Beauty for only around £20 because the UK tax was deducted for those who live outside of EU and UK but if you live in that areas, it will cost you £22.50 for one stamp. You also have an option to buy The Vink Eyeliner Ink+ Verge Angle Brush for £18 to perfectly do that Adele-like winged eyeliner. Cult Beauty offers free shipping in many countries.

You can also buy both The Vamp Stamp ($25) and The Vink Eyeliner Ink + Verge Angle Brush ($20) both in Vavavoom website, which is the creators of this products, but they only ship in the US.

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