cushion compacts makeup
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What are Cushion Compacts?

A few weeks ago Lancôme announced that on April 29 they will launch a new product called the Miracle Cushion. This is the beauty company’s move to compete to another sought-after Korean beauty trend that’s taking over, practically, the world. Actually, back in October 2014 I sort-of predicted the cushion compact’s imminent rise to total-beauty-industry domination on my interview with Alice, the owner of W2Beauty an online store that sells over 10,000 Korean beauty products. So now those big beauty companies are making their own versions of it, it’s time to ask again for the sake of those who do not know yet: What’s the big deal with cushion compacts?

cushion compacts makeup
Phot via Bless My Bag

What exactly are Cushion Compacts?

On my interview with W2Beauty owner, Alice, she said that cushion compacts are “basically a kind of all in one item. It gives some coverage, some SPF, some glowing and natural look, and it is really easy to apply and doesn’t make your finger dirty compared to the BB cream etc. which makes it SUPER convenient. A must have in your bag. If you have to take 1 and only 1 item, get the Cushion.”

So imagine your favorite BB and CC cream mixed together, absorbed in a circular sponge and compact like a regular foundation, that’s how to simply explain what cushion compact is. But beyond the gimmick, it’s a single product where you could get the perks of both BB and CC creams but with a higher SPF. Cushion compacts have SPF 50 or higher while most BBs only have 30. It doesn’t also cake because it’s super thin and light.

How to Apply it?

It’s actually very simple to apply on your face, that’s why Alice described cushion compacts are “super convenient.” Just take your thin, powder puff (it’s already included in the package when you buy one) and press it into the cushion. Tap it all around your face, blend a little on the edges, and you’re done. No creases, no cracks, nothing!

When you check W2Beauty, you will see that Korea has already started making cushions for blushes, concealers, and even highlighters. But honestly, there’s still one con that I find in this product: that is the bacteria that might build up in the various sponges. Since this is still a barely new product, Korean beauty companies are still researching to fully perfect it. So for the mean time, to avoid those bacteria, make sure your face and especially your fingers are clean when you used it. And always use a new powder puff when you refill it.

What to Buy?

These are currently the best selling cushion compacts based on W2Beauty’s sales:

  1. Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control (the brand that started it all) – $42 in W2Beauty
  2. Iope Air Cushion XP – $41 in W2Beauty & $32 in Amazon
  3. Sulwhasoo Evenfair Cushion – $69 in W2Beauty & $60 in Neiman Marcus
  4. Innisfree Long Wear Cushion (perfect for those with oily skin or lives in a humid country) – $26 in W2Beauty
  5. Hera UV Mist Cushion – $45 in W2Beauty & $42 in Amazon
  6. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion – $25 in W2Beauty & $18 in Amazon

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