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6 Ways to Perfect Your Look Before an Important Event

If you’re planning on attending a special event and want to look your best, you’ll need to prepare. While people wish they could simply roll out of bed looking flawless, most everyone requires at least some help to take their look to the next level. While you may not have the luxury of having an entire team of beauty professionals at your beck and call, a little extra planning beforehand can dazzle you at your next event.

1.    Establishing a Workout Routine

When it comes to special events, you might be used to the notion of hitting the gym to fit into an unforgiving outfit. However, working out has so many more positive benefits that can help get you in the best physical and mental shape. Aside from getting rid of some of those extra pounds, regular exercise has been linked with healthier skin, better sleep, increased energy levels, better brain health, and elevated moods. Who wouldn’t want that for their next shindig?

2.    Take Care of Your Pearly Whites

Taking care of your teeth should be high on your priority list every day. While regular brushing with premium quality toothpaste such as Colgate Total SF can deliver multiple benefits to your teeth, having an impending special event can be a good reminder to book that checkup with your dentist. Good dental hygiene with Colgate Total can make a big difference at special events where a bright smile and fresh breath can leave a good impression.

3.    Get a Facial

The best complement to a glowing smile is a youthful complexion, and this can be achieved by scheduling a facial no earlier than two weeks before your event. While facials can rejuvenate the skin and help remove impurities, it is important that any new skin regimen be introduced with plenty of time for adjustment and recovery. Getting a facial too close to your event may cause a problem since a fresh layer of skin can be prone to sensitivity.

4.    Hair and Makeup Trial

Getting professionally primped can be one of the best confidence boosters out there, but depending on the importance of your event, you may want to consider having a trial beforehand. This can be useful if you are looking for a very specific look or are working with a new stylist. Since trials are typically an extra cost, consider making the most out of it by booking on a less important, yet still special day such as a date night.

5.    Get a Sun-Kissed Glow

Even though sitting out in the sun is not recommended by many skin professionals, you can still achieve an even glow without the harmful UV rays. Spray tans are becoming popular, especially to even out unsightly tan lines or a spotty complexion. Contrary to what some may believe, they come in a range of natural, wearable colors, not just an infamous orange shade. If you’re planning to get sprayed, a few days before your event will likely be best. However, depending on the formula and technique being used, your spray tan professional may recommend a different timeframe so check beforehand.

6.    Get Your Clothes Tailored

You may luck out and find an off-the-rack number that will look amazing on you but for many people, it is a must to have clothing professionally tailored. An ill-fitting suit or an overly long dress can look and feel clumsy and be distracting. A tailored look can make you look more put-together, feel more comfortable, and make you feel more confident. As you can imagine, this should be done well in advance in case there are any corrections that need to be made.

While professionals can certainly help, there are many steps you can take to prep yourself before your next big event. With these tips in mind, some patience, and planning, you can look forward to looking and feeling your best.