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If laser removal is something you have wanted to explore, you likely have lots of questions about its benefits and possible drawbacks. You may want to know if laser removal is better than shaving or waxing.

The truth is that laser hair removal procedures offer a wide array of positives, and it is possible to achieve the results you desire at home. In addition to the obvious cost savings of going this route, there are several other perks of opting for laser removal of unwanted hair.

1. Safety And Effectiveness

There is no denying that laser removal of hair is amazingly effective. Lasers offer the precision necessary to eliminate hair at the follicle itself, something IPL cannot accomplish.

Laser removal processes have undergone extensive testing over the course of decades, allowing users to rest assured that they are using truly safe technology. The key is to purchase a high-quality laser tool for at-home removal or to visit a salon known for providing safe, effective treatment.

2. Not Just For Salon Customers Anymore

Are you aware that laser removal of hair need not be performed in a salon setting? Research has shown that home laser removal tools are as safe and produce the same results as salon laser treatments. The cost savings alone make this very exciting news!

3. Impressive Speed Of Results

Laser removal treatment is likely faster than you would assume. In fact, according to Capital Skin Spa a bikini area treatment requires only 20 minutes to complete!

4. A Real Time-Saver

Remember, once hair growth is slowed dramatically by laser treatments, there is no need to shave daily or undergo time-intensive waxing. The time-saving aspect of laser removal of hair should not be underestimated!

5. Long-Term Cost Savings

Not only will you save time by using laser hair removal treatments, you will see serious cost savings as well. No more money will have to be spent on pricey salon waxing, razors, shaving cream or anything else! Over time, the savings will build to an impressive degree.

6. No More Ingrown Hairs

The scourge of ingrown hairs will disappear once you start using laser hair removal tools. The fact is that lasers are often utilized as a means to address ingrown hairs. If you have always been susceptible to ingrown hairs from shaving, laser hair removal could be the solution you need.

7. A-OK For Shaved Areas

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to shave for the two weeks in between wax treatments. Here is another area in which laser hair removal offers a unique benefit. As opposed to hair removal techniques which require a bit of hair length to be effective, laser removal is more effective on shaved areas of skin. Thus, the annoyance of regrowth during the treatment process is no more!