Where To Buy BTS Taehyung’s Lip Balm That Sold Out?

bts v taehyung lip balm mentholatum lip fondue 3d pearl
Photo from Koreaboo

BTS member Taehyung, popularly known by his stage name V, has been called the “Sold Out King”, why? Well, every product he touches sold out, intentionally or not, to the point he risks not being able to buy his own favorite products if he doesn’t hide it. But at Melon Music Awards 2019 (MMAs), a fancam captured Taehyung sneakily applying a lip balm, holding it with his whole fist to hide it. But despite that, ARMYs found out Taehyung lip balm brand of choice within HOURS.

Below is V on the left side captured by the fancam, and on the right side the ARMY who tweeted the brand of his lip balm. I must say, I’m really amazed how they found it out.

The lip balm is from the Japanese brand Mentholatum and it is called Lip Fondue, the specific shade V used in the fancam is called 3D Pearl. Obviously, the lip balm sold out in just hours after ARMYs found out. And I swear, almost every beauty junkie I know (BTS fan or not) swear that this lip balm is really good. No wonder it was one of the best lip balm in Singapore as well.

So where to buy the Taehyung Lip Balm aka Mentholatum Lip Fondue 3D Pearl, especially in the Philippines?

Lucky for you I know A LOT of stores.

1) YES STYLE – They don’t only have the 3D Pearl shade, they have all the Lip Fondue shades! The best part, they ship worldwide and you can use my coupon code “ALYSSA12” to get 5% off your first order or 2% off for repeat costumers. They sell the lip balm for $9.41 each.

2) SAKURA BEAUTY HUB – This Shopee seller has been featured in this website several times. They sell authentic Japanese products especially beauty products. They sell the lip balm for Php450 and they have all the shades, not just the 3D Pearl.

3) THE STYLE QUARTER – This is where I bought mine (review soon!) because I didn’t check my suki (the seller mentioned above) first before I excitedly shopped for this lip balm. Anyway, they sell this for Php480 each.

4) LAZADA – Of course, Lazada also have this and they sell it for Php499 each.

So far these are the only stores and sellers I know where the Taehyung Lip Balm, but as always if I found more I’ll add it to this list.