Things to Consider When Dyeing Hair For the First Time

If you are going to dye your locks for the very first time, it may feel confusing to figure out what color to pick up and whether to do the procedure yourself or visit a salon.

No matter what option will be chosen, we’d like to let you know about the basics of hair-coloring.

Hints And Guide For Those Who Dye Hair For the First Time

Lots of questions appear in pretty ladies’ heads when they decide to change the color of their chevelures. Especially if it will be done for the first time since the lack of experience matters a lot. 

Some of them can’t choose between the single and double-process coloring wondering which one is safer. 

Others struggle to decide what color to pick up.  

However, several general rules exist that must be taken into account if you don’t want to turn your locks into a mess.

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  1. Always evaluate the maintenance in advance

Certain coloring procedures and certain colors will require regular touch-ups. For instance, you’ll have to refresh the roots every four to six weeks if you applied a color that significantly differs from the native shade. 

If you are not sure that regular visits to the salon will be possible, we’d recommend stick to more natural colors rather than becoming blonde if you’re an innate dark-haired.

  1. Ask for prices when making an appointment

The final cost of the coloring procedure will hang upon several factors such as the popularity of the salon, the products they’re using, the kind of treatment you want, etc. So always call them first and ask what the price will be for what you want to be done to your locks. 

Like that, if the pricing is in your cost range, feel free to make an appointment. It’s still better than completing the procedure and understanding that you don’t have enough cash to pay for it.

  1. Remember to take pictures with you

To help the colorist know what exactly you want, bring some pictures of similar hair color with you. It will be especially handy if you’re into something unusual like multicolored tresses.

When having pictures, the colorist will be able to see if the desired hue will fit you and, if needed, he/she can suggest the alternative options.

  1. Consider your skin tone and natural color

You might want the same green strands as your favorite celeb has, but the trick is that this hue can fit her because of her skin tone whereas with yours it won’t look suitable!

Remember the simple rule: pink skin tones pair best with cool and ashy colors whilst yellow skin tone will fit golden and warm shades perfectly. 

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  1. Be ready that the desired color won’t appear after the first dyeing

This is what every girl prefers not to think about, but it is possible so better keep that in mind. Especially if you are about to shift from brown to platinum blonde since such a dramatic change will need quite a lot of time for the hair to get used to the new color.

  1. Dyeing can damage the locks

This is another issue that we need to keep in mind when making an appointment in a salon. Any dye has a harmful effect on our tresses, how much damageable it will be, only hangs upon the content of the substance.

Be ready that your locks can become dryer, frizzy, or tend to tangle, and make sure you prepare all the necessary preventive means for that.

  1. The color will fade

Unfortunately, nobody is protected from this. Sooner or later, your new shade will get duller and fade even though it was applied ideally by the best professional in the best salon in the city using the most qualitative dye.

The exposure to the sun, water (especially if it is harsh), and of course, regular washes rinse out the pigment making the overall shade fade. To avoid that sad scenario, go for several tricks to extend the new color lifespan.

Wash your tresses with clarifying shampoo the day before visiting a salon for dyeing. It will remove the build-up and make the pigment set way better.

Shift to products meant for the color-treated locks, and try not to wash your hair too often.

Ensure your chevelure is properly nourished and moistured to avoid frizziness and dryness.

Protect the colored hair from UV rays by using special protecting products, for instance, sprays, and remember to wear a nice hat or a headscarf to shield the mane from the sun.

Like that, your tresses will keep the new color longer and it will remain bright and vivid.