CALECIM® Professional: Advanced Hair System

The stem-cell powered hair serum delivering a rich variety of exosome technology Speed dial your hair to dynamic growth

Photo by Helena I

CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System | £315 | Available here

CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System is the first at-home regimen utilising the power of exosomes to supercharge growth and combat hair loss. Formulated through cutting edge bio-technology, Advanced Hair System delivers stem-cell signalling capabilities directly to dormant follicles and reinvigorates sluggish cells to trigger new growth. The impressive clinical results show a 24% increase in hair follicle cell growth and a 30x reduction in inflammation in the actual follicle.

Exosomes act as your hair’s personal speed dial to greater growth. These powerful cell communicators diminish with age but act as micro-signalling channels between both cells and follicles to stimulate and supercharge their rejuvenation abilities. CALECIM’s® proprietary active ingredient, PTT-6®, contains 100s of exosome types, naturally secreted from ethically sourced red deer cord lining stem cells. Just 1ml delivers 3,000 active growth factors, proteins, cytokines to signal resilient hair growth.

The variety of Exosomes is crucial as you need different Exosome types to address cell turnover, inflammation, dwindling fibroblasts, and other hair loss factors for true regeneration to occur. This is where this intelligent Advanced Hair System delivers an impressive spectrum to address each factor. Once applied scalp inflammation is quickly calmed, hair follicle repair optimised, and collagen (which makes up 70% of hair structure) levels are supremely boosted, giving your new locks exceptional resilience and a chance to thrive.

With its unique ability to work in just six weeks and with no known side effects, CALECIM’s® Advanced Hair System unapologetically restores a healthy hair cycle and accelerates follicle cell production. The serum is a first in hair regrowth technology, pioneering the future of beauty by embracing the powerful potential of exosomes.

How to use it at home: Start with clean hair, which has had zero product applied and after sterilising, use the provided stamp tool to delicately puncture the skin of the thinned hair area. Then with clean hands, apply 2.5ml of CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System to the target area and massage the product in. The hair should after application of the serum, should not be washed for 24 to 48 hours. *Please find step by step video here

*The easy and effective procedure should be completed consistently 2x a week for 6 weeks.

The Results: Following the treatment process, you can expect both growth in your hair and your confidence. Your hair follicles will be strengthened to support new hair growth and renewal. Expect your scalp to be less inflamed and your overall hair quality stronger, thicker, and healthier.