10 Things You Need to Know About Maintaining Human Hair Wigs

Many wig lovers prefer human hair wigs over synthetic wigs. Wearing human hair wigs will make you feel like you have real and natural hair. Human hair wigs are a long-term investment that requires a lot of care as they are made up of real human hair and are fragile, so just as you take care of your own hair, you will have to take care of human hair wigs as if they were your own hair too.

To make your wig look full of body and gorgeous, you will need to put some time and effort into it. In this article, I’ll tell you 10 things you need to know about maintaining human hair wigs, which will help you keep your wigs looking good and help them last longer. If you want more information related to wigs, then make sure to visit our shop online at Unice

1.     Do not wear the same wig daily

Human hair wigs are made up of real human hair. Wearing the same wig daily can cause tears and may result in severe damage. If you are a wig lover and like to wear wigs all the time, then instead of wearing the same wig every day, keep on changing it day by day to maintain the long life of a human hair wig.

2.     Your wig should not be washed on a regular basis.

Taking care of a wig by cleaning it is a good thing, but washing human hair wigs regularly can damage them and can weaken the hair. As in the case of our own hair. If we give frequent washes to our hair, then our hair gets damaged and starts falling off. Washing your wig once a week would be enough to keep it clean and maintain hygiene.

3.     Use special shampoo, conditioner, and wig comb.

For human hair wigs, special kinds of shampoo, conditioners, and wig combs are available. These products are specially designed for human hair wigs and help to maintain the quality and life of human hair wigs for a long time. Wig combs are usually designed in such a way that they don’t damage the human hair wig.

4.     Do not overheat your wig

Unlike synthetic hair wigs, human hair wigs are more sensitive, and the lighter the shade, the weaker it is. Overheating can damage the hair of a wig due to temperature. Always make sure to use the required heat to maintain the human hair wigs. Using a tool like a flat iron will be best for straightening or curling a human hair wig.

5.     Avoid using spray on your wig

The spray is used for many purposes, such as for shiny hair. Avoid sprays that are specially designed for your natural hair; synthetic hair will be a better option. Because using sheens or sprays on your human hair wig can make it greasy, unmanageable, and tangled. This can affect human hair wigs very badly as they are very fragile.

6.     Store your wig properly

Storing your wig properly is very important to avoid dust and tangles. For storing human hair wigs, several wig stands are available on the market, which requires a lot of space for placing each wig. But, you can also store a human hair wig in the packaging box in which it came, use a cardboard shoebox, use an airtight plastic container, or keep your human hair wig in a plastic zip or grip lock bag.

7.     Styling your hair correctly

Make sure to use a brush with a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush before washing the wig to keep the strands detangled. Always clean your wig from the inside and avoid conditioning the roots of the wig. The temperature of the water used for cleaning should be cool. Using hot water may result in damage. To preserve the natural fibres of human hair, try to air dry your wig on a wig stand.

8.     Avoid showering with a wig

Wearing a human hair wig while showering can cause damage to the wig. If you do so, the wig may slip off your head and get tangled badly. Due to the pressure of the water falling on your head, you can wear a plastic cap on your head to protect the human hair wig. If you have natural hair, then due to the wetness caused by showering, you may get a fungal or yeast infection on your scalp, which is not a good thing for both your scalp and your human hair wig.

9.     Avoid wearing wigs in pools and beach

You must not wear wigs while going to the pool and the beach. The water in the pool is chlorinated, which can damage the human hair wig. And the water present on the beach is salty. Both chlorinated and salty water is very harmful to the health of human hair wigs, as they can cause hair to break, frizz, or much more. Also, the natural organisms are also the reason to not wear a wig at pools and beaches.

10.  Avoid wearing a wig while your head is damp

Make sure to not wear your wig right after washing your head, because this may also affect your wig. If you wear a wig on a damp head, then the moisture will reach the wig and will become a breeding ground for bacteria, which results in damage to the hair fibres due to the formation of bacteria. The dampness will also cause scalp yeast infections and fungal infections. Try to wear a wig on a completely dry head.


Human hair wigs are costly as compared to synthetic hair wigs. On the other hand, human hair wigs also require a lot of maintenance and care. The biggest advantage of having a human hair wig is that, unlike synthetic hair wigs, it provides the feeling of real and natural hair on the head. The life of a human hair wig is longer than that of synthetic hair wigs. I guess now you have learned enough to maintain your human hair wig.