The best snacks to take anywhere

Going on a trip or to work and don’t have time to pack snacks? Consider packing your own snacks for the day (or more) the next time you finish packing.

The key is to choose foods that will keep you hydrated and full for the duration of your time away from home, and give you enough energy to avoid going out to buy food. If you want to save money and enjoy small snacks, you’ve come to the right place!


When it comes to the best snacks to take anywhere, dried fruit is a must-have addition to your arsenal. Not only is it incredibly easy to carry, but it also offers a delightful burst of natural sweetness and a satisfying chewy texture.

While cranberries and dried apricots are popular choices, don’t hesitate to explore other options like dried blueberries, raisins, or goji berries. You can mix them with nuts and seeds for a wholesome trail mix, or enjoy them on their own for a quick energy boost. Another excellent option for a portable treat is sour cherry candy: its tangy flavor and compact size make it a convenient and flavorful snack for various occasions.

While fresh fruit is undoubtedly delicious, it may not be the most practical choice for extended periods away from home. However, if you’re planning a shorter outing, fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries offer refreshing bursts of flavor and hydration.

They are easy to eat and require minimal preparation. Just remember to avoid more delicate fruits like bananas, which may bruise easily or become mushy during prolonged storage. By selecting the right mix of dried and fresh fruit, you can ensure a balanced and enjoyable snacking experience no matter where your adventures take you.

Seeds and nuts

Seeds are great for helping you feel full longer. Be sure to keep them in airtight containers and avoid peanuts if you are allergic to them. When it comes to seeds, consider pumpkin seeds or shelled sunflower seeds.

Nuts, such as almonds and cashews, are best, as are lightly salted nuts (but avoid nuts that are too salty, or you will dehydrate faster).

Pistachios are fine if they are shelled; otherwise, you risk making noise and propelling waste when you open them, which can be annoying in the office or on the road.


Choose a hearty salad base, such as chickpeas, quinoa or couscous, mixed with diced vegetables. Lettuce leaves can fill a small bowl, but not your stomach. Feel free to add nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

However, don’t forget to bring a fork to eat them with before you leave. If you plan to use salad dressing, make sure it’s in a small container and no larger than 100 ml, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag.

Crunchy cookies

When it comes to the best snacks to take anywhere, the options mentioned—wasabi peas, lightly salted popcorn, pretzels, rice crackers, breadsticks, and vegetable chips—are indeed excellent choices. Their crunchy texture and flavorful profiles make them a hit among snack enthusiasts.

Whether you’re going on a road trip, hiking adventure, or simply packing for a picnic, these portable snacks provide a satisfying and convenient munching experience. Plus, their versatile nature ensures that they cater to various taste preferences, making them ideal for sharing with loved ones, creating enjoyable moments and lasting memories on the go.

Cereal bars

In addition to the aforementioned crunchy options, there are other snacks that are incredibly convenient for on-the-go consumption. Granola bars, sports bars, and meal replacement bars deserve a special mention as some of the best snacks to take anywhere.

These compact and lightweight treats offer a burst of energy and are packed with nutrients to keep you fuelled throughout your day. With a wide range of flavors and variations available, from chocolate and peanut butter to fruit and nut combinations, these bars satisfy both hunger and cravings.

Whether you’re hiking a mountain trail, working out at the gym, or simply need a quick pick-me-up during a busy day, these portable bars are a go-to choice. Their long shelf life and resistance to melting or crumbling make them reliable companions for any adventure or emergency situation. So, next time you’re packing your bag, don’t forget to include these versatile bars for a convenient and tasty snack option!

In conclusion, having tasty and convenient snacks on hand is essential for busy days or travel. There are many options for grab-and-go snacks, and it’s important to choose foods that you enjoy, so you can have a great day. With a little planning and preparation, it’s easy to find delicious, easy-to-carry snacks.