6 Reasons to Get a Horizon Zero Dawn Merchandise

There is a long list of amazing facts about Horizon Zero Dawn. Although published by the renowned Sony Interactive Entertainment, Guerrilla Games is the brain behind this one-of-a-kind action role-playing game.

It is not hard to fathom how this game is a fan favorite considering the amount of money invested into its production. We are talking about a budget running into tens of millions of Euros. It even has the biggest gaming budget in the Netherlands as of the time of writing this article.

These are just a few of the possible explanations for this game’s one-of-a-kind status. If you would like to find out more, you can check: https://gamerant.com/.

The most exciting thing for some lovers of this game is that they can further profess their liking for it. This is thanks to the availability of some specially made merchandise. We strongly recommend that you get them if you consider yourself a lover of this game. Some of the reasons for this will be discussed in this article.


Why Buy Horizon Zero Dawn Merchandise?

Some of the reasons you should seriously consider buying these merchandise include the following:

A Great Way to Get Other Fans Excited

Are you a lover of the game? Do you love it to the point of getting the new sequel? Then you are not the only one if your answers to these questions are in the affirmative. There are several others like you and donning any such merchandise sends a message to these people.

Amongst other things, it speaks volumes about how excited you are to always play this game. It is only logical that other people like you begin to share in your excitement.

For instance, a lady explained how she was able to make new friends just before takeoff at the airport. This was because she decided to put on a Horizon Zero Dawn T-shirt. So, you could do the same if the thought of having an exciting conversation with other fans appeals to you.

Support for the Game’s Creators

So much went into the creation and production of Horizon Zero Dawn as stated in the introductory part. Just as mentioned, its budget is the highest to come from that part of the European continent.

Purchasing horizon zero dawn merchandise is a way to support this expensive course. This is because some of the profits would go to its creators. As a result, they would be in a better position to improve.

For instance, they could have the funds to come up with a new and better sequel to the game. This is definitely what most Horizon Zero Dawn gamers would be hoping for.

Express Your Love for Horizon Zero Dawn

If you love everything or anything that this game represents, then this feeling should be expressed. Besides talking about it and playing the game, getting its merchandise is one way to take that love to a new level.

That would put you in the league of gamers who have gone all out to express their love for the game. So, make sure to get it if you consider yourself a good-enough lover of this game.

Can Serve as Collectible Items

You can build sentimental value by gathering Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise. You can even go as far as getting limited-edition merchandise. This is the best way to get Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise with sentimental values that are off the charts.

Fashionable Way to Show How Much You Love the Game

You would be showing how much you love the game by getting and using Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise such as hoodies, T-shirts, hats, polo shirts, sleeveless shirts, and sweatshirts. You would also be appearing fashionable considering how most of the designs representing this game are appealing.

This enables you to achieve two goals at the same time. That is expressing your love for the game and putting up a good appearance at the same time.

You Could Gift Other Fans

Most fans would love the idea of getting these kinds of merchandise as gifts. A lot of them do not only appreciate the gift but the thought of offering something that represents what they have come to love.

For this reason, it would be a great gift idea for your friends, family, colleagues, kids, and anyone around you that is equally a fan. So, this saves you the trouble of having to think about what to give a fan.

By the way, you could offer other gifts alongside it. You can watch this video for other ideas on what else you can give a gamer.


It is one of the most beloved games. The amount of digital copies sold after its successful launch is more than enough proof of this. This is to say that many gamers love it.

One way they can further show how much they love what Horizon Zero Dawn represents is by purchasing and using Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise. Some other reasons why such people should get Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise have been explained in this article and it is hoped that these reasons are noted.