Where to Buy Stray Kids Official Album in the Philippines?

where to buy stray kids official album in the philippines
Stray Kids Maxident

I mentioned in my previous post that Stray Kids merch such as their Skzoo line is one of the hardest merch to find. And that’s coming from me who is a kpop fan since 2008. But I am glad to tell you that it’s not the same with their albums. I know shops where to buy Stray Kids official album in the Philippines and your purchase can also help with the Hanteo Chart. If you don’t know what it is, Hanteo is a South Korean music chart system, which counts all K-pop album sales, to compile an overview.

Now that you know, here are the shops where you can pre-order the official and latest Stray Kids album in the Philippines and help them with the Hanteo chart:

WITHMUU – This is a global kpop store based in South Korea like Yes24 and Ktown4u where all album purchases will chart in Hanteo and they have a Shopee page! Besides the latest album drops, they also sell lightsticks and other merch official merch and have pre-order benefits just like Yes24 and Ktown4u.

KPOP MERCH – This is based in South Korea but available on Shopee and Lazada. This has been my go-to shop for pre-ordering albums, lightsticks, and season’s greetings since the shipping fees from global stores significantly increased during the pandemic. They’re a little pricey compared to other local Philippine resellers like those Twitter shops but they ship very fast. Orders arrive within a week once shipped. And you can buy not just Stray Kids merch here, but also other JYP artists, HYBE, SM, YG, and more. And they also have lucky draw events and pre-order benefits that are available from Weverse, JYP, Yes24, Ktwon4u, and more.

THE JYP SHOP – Stray Kids is under JYP so you can find their merch here. They ship to the Philippines and it cost around $20+. Not sure yet what courier they use but I will update this once my friend’s 5-Star album pre-order arrives.

YES24 – This shop is based in South Korea but ships directly to the Philippines. Every time Stray Kids drops a new album they also open pre-orders and have their own pre-order benefit. I believe this is also the shop where you can buy a Stray Kids fan membership for the Bubble App.

KTOWN4U – Every kpop stans know this shop, if you haven’t then you’re probably new. Some local resellers actually buy their stocks from this shop. They ship directly to the Philippines and have many shipping options from regular shipping, FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Personally, I opt for either UPS or DHL.

K-MONSTAR – This is a reseller but because they’re based in South Korea and buy their stocks from the local Yes24, Ktown4u, Withmuu stores, and more, so they are helping with the chart too. This is actually where I bought some of my Skzoo plushies (which are hard to find by the way) and just like Kpop Merch, they ship fast too and have pre-order benefits. They also sell merch from other JYP groups, HYBE, YG, and more.

WITH HANNA – This is my go-to Shopee store for super cute top-loaders, photocard frames, and binders. But they also sell albums and lightsticks. They also have pre-orders with benefits. Just like K-Monstar shop above, they’re also based in South Korea and get their stocks from local record stores there.

Local Shops That Sell Official Stray Kids Albums

Purchases from them may not count in the Hanteo chart but they are the official distributors in the Philippines and so buying from them is very safe.

N.CAT – This local Filipino Kpop store has been around since the late 2010s. They started as a Korean fashion store but now they also sell albums, lightsticks, and other kpop merch. They have branches around the Philippines but are also available online on Lazada and Shopee. The latter have pre-orders for new album drops but they don’t have pre-order benefits.

CNA PHILIPPINES – Just like N.Cat, they sell albums, lightsticks, and other kpop merch. They also have branches around Metro Manila and are available online through Lazada and Shopee. The latter also opens pre-orders for new album drops but no pre-order benefit.

Trusted Twitter Shops

They are local resellers but they are also fans and they get their stock from Yes24, JYP Shop, Ktwon4U, and more. Pretty much every store where Stray Kids offer pre-order benefits and help boost their Hanteo ranking.

Apricot and Co. PH – So far, this is one of the two Twitter shops that I know that sells Stray Kids merch. This was recommended by a friend and has a good reputation. They accept pre-orders thru Twitter but they also have a Shopee page for on-hand items.

Tortorcart – This is where I bought my Nacific R8 Felix photocard, which is the cutest Felix photocard in my opinion. Just like the shop above, this seller also accepts pre-orders on Twitter and has a Shopee page for on-hand items.

These are the trusted stores and resellers where to buy Stray Kids official album in the Philippines. If I found more, I will update this post.