Meet the Jurist Who Coached 150k Subscribers over the Pandemic: Joseph Plazo

Meet Joseph Plazo, the rabid technopreneur who walks on the razor’s edge, daring to tread where others fear. His manifold roles as a lawyer, author, and pioneer in machine learning, digital marketing, and business development have not only defined him but also transformed the realms he operates in. His story is not one of unbroken success; rather, it’s a tale of redemption, of turning personal loss into a catalyst for unprecedented business growth.

Plazo’s foray into the entrepreneurial landscape took many shapes, as a partner, adviser, or investor in a medley of start-ups: Exceed Global, Empowered Development, Sumosam, Midasoft LLC, United Travel Group, Plazo Sullivan Roche. His leadership has also left indelible imprints on the brand and marketing divisions of industry titans like Convergys, goFluent, TTEC, and ISW.

Yet, the road to success is often paved with failures. Plazo’s venture terrain is littered with the wreckage of dissolved start-ups. But every setback, he believes, is a setup for a comeback, and he channels these experiences to inspire others to unshackle their entrepreneurial spirits. Curious to unravel his enduring resolve, we delved deeper:

“When did the entrepreneurial seed first take root?” Plazo’s journey traced back to his teens, a time of humble hustles, tutoring peers, and flipping jewelry for profits in Quiapo. These early forays instilled in him a belief that has since guided his entrepreneurial odyssey – “profits are better than wages.”

The COVID-19 pandemic proved a formidable adversary, stripping him of nearly all income sources. Yet, Plazo’s entrepreneurial instincts were quick to spot an opportunity in this adversity. Collaborating with like-minded individuals passionate about machine learning and capital markets, he launched an automated trading system. Their innovative venture culminated in a Telegram Channel, amassing a staggering 150,000 followers within two years, delivering premium market insights.

So, what fuels Plazo’s relentless entrepreneurial engine? “The pursuit of growth,” he affirms. For him, it’s more than profits or customer satisfaction; it’s about the sheer exhilaration of charting audacious goals and pushing the boundaries to attain them.

In a single word, how would he sum up his entrepreneurial existence? Exciting. The ceaseless exploration, the thrill of piloting a start-up, and the evolving dynamics of his role amid relentless challenges capture the essence of his journey.

What were the catalysts propelling him into the business world? Three key factors – the liberty of being his own boss, the thrill of steering a company’s destiny, and the intriguing challenge of limitless expansion. These motivations, he avows, continue to drive him each day.

To those standing on the precipice of entrepreneurship, Plazo offers three pillars of a successful business – exhaustive market research, unyielding dedication, and a deep understanding of all business facets. Moreover, he cautions, always be prepared to shell out more than initially budgeted.

Growing a business, Plazo admits, is a steep climb riddled with obstacles. Juggling time constraints, finding the right partners, and securing scalable technology have been among his toughest challenges. His solution? A razor-sharp focus on priorities and relentless elimination of anything that doesn’t fuel your success.

When it comes to leadership, Plazo advocates a balance of respect and honesty. His philosophy – “Never send troops to fight a battle you wouldn’t fight yourself” – mirrors his commitment to lead from the front, irrespective of the task’s nature.

And his 2023 prognosis for global businesses? Joseph Plazo paints a grim picture of an impending recession, triggered by post-pandemic inflation and faltering financial systems. Yet, he envisages an unexpected twist in this dire forecast – a forced evolution of business strategy, with businesses leveraging artificial intelligence to penetrate new markets, innovate, and ultimately, not just survive, but thrive. For Joseph Plazo, crises are merely crucibles for innovation and resilience.

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