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Small But Stylish: Making the Most Out of a Small Room

Some people find that, while they love the larger spaces in their home, smaller ones may be a source of resentment. Perhaps you don’t know how to decorate the space to make it look nice, or feel frustrated that your furnishing choices are limited, especially if the room is also an awkward shape. Regardless of your issue, you may be happy to know that there are ways you can get more out of a smaller room. By giving it a bit of love and positivity, you may be able to find a use and furnishings, and even begin to enjoy your time spent there.

Start With the Walls

Bland and drab walls can make any room look cold and unwelcoming, regardless of the size. You may not currently have the time or money available to completely change the walls themselves. For those who rent their home, there may also be stipulations in your tenancy contract that prevent you from repainting the walls. This is where cool photo displays could become your biggest ally. By decorating your walls with some great canvas prints, especially those featuring your family or other pictures you’ve taken, you can add a personal touch to the room. This can make it appear much more colorful and vibrant as well.

Work With Light

As a general rule, the brighter a room is, the more spacious it may feel. However, depending on your starting point, this could require a lot of work. You may also be quite partial to some darker tones or furnishings that you already own, and not wish to replace them. Using darker furniture as statement pieces, rather than using many in an already-cramped space, could be the answer. This is because too much dark in one given area can create the illusion of shadowing, which may make it feel both darker and smaller overall. Choosing a lightbulb with a cool light may also result in brighter light being available in the space.

Maximize the space available

With a small room, you may already be limited on where you can put things without making the area feel cramped. Some of your decorating choices could also be working against you. One such example can be to get rid of curtains and replace them with blinds. These may fit more smoothly against your window, resulting in a bit less space lost. Figuring out how to use the vertical spaces, such as through the use of floating shelves rather than a bookcase, can also make the space feel significantly larger. Regular decluttering could be a useful way of ensuring there are clear walkways in the room, and that it doesn’t feel claustrophobic.

A small room isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This space could be used to create a cozy environment that aids with relaxation. This can apply regardless of its usage, whether that be as a bedroom or a home office. By contemplating the way you decorate this space, you may find it a much nicer place to spend your time.