Gambling While You’re Travelling: The Best Airport Casinos in the World

We’re all used to the fact that a visit to a casino involves a relaxed quiet atmosphere, a luxurious lounge, and an appropriate dress code. But playing your favourite game of chance in a physical casino can be done in radically different circumstances, such as in an airport.

BestAuCasinosOnline has compiled a selection of casinos located in airports. This is ideal for gamblers who like to have fun while waiting for their flight or during a long layover. In addition, a big advantage of airport gaming areas is that there is no taxation on winnings, so players get their money’s worth down to the last penny.

Gambling zones have long been part of many of the world’s airports. The conditions are particularly attractive for gamblers in countries where gambling is fully permitted and licensed by their own regulators. In this case, all passengers without exception (of legal age for gambling) have access to casino services, regardless of how gambling is regulated in the country of jurisdiction

Among the obvious advantages of airport casinos are several:

  1. It is an opportunity to pass the time. Many passengers arrive at the airport long before boarding begins. Some also have to change flights. Gambling is a good alternative to surfing the internet or just strolling aimlessly through the airport.
  2. Gambling is also a way of earning back the money spent on the flight. Instead of wasting money in souvenir shops, you can gamble in casinos and multiply your fortune.
  3. Airports make good money by opening casinos in their lounges. Unlike land-based gambling halls, customers can keep all the profits they make on their games because airport casinos are tax-free.

McCarran Airport in Las Vegas

Of course, an airport in the American gambling capital could not but have a casino, as everything in Las Vegas screams excitement, games, and entertainment from the very first minute of your stay in the city.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t end until the plane leaves the ground. At least that is the belief of tourists who have hit an impressive jackpot at Las Vegas International Airport while waiting for their flight home. The winnings here can be as much as $300,000, which is more than generous compensation for the ticket purchased.

McCarran is more than just an airport with a gaming zone. Slot machines are located throughout the airport, so you could say that the whole of Maccaran is a casino. In total, travelers are offered a choice of 1,400 slot machines, but so far, due to the coronavirus pandemic, around 500 of them are operating.

McCarran has been known to hit big jackpots. For example, in February 2021, a tourist from Texas won $302,000 in Wheel of Fortune before her flight. But that’s not the largest amount won at this airport either. The record is $3.96 million.

Unfortunately, there are no table games of chance in McCarran. But don’t despair, there are plenty of places to play poker and roulette in a city like Las Vegas.

Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Although considerably smaller than McCarran, Reno-Tahoe Airport in Nevada has a standalone casino that rivals some land-based casinos. Nevada International Airport welcomes tourists with a large entertainment playground of about 400 square metres. It is open daily from 5 am to 11 pm.

A large part of the casino’s range of entertainment at Reno Tahoe Airport is slot machines, most of which are made by the world-famous IGT gambling company. The airport casino has a wide selection of slot machines — over 200 slots, impressive even compared with online pokies. These slot machines include some of the most popular slot machines in the world, notably Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune. The machines are located throughout the entertainment area to provide passengers with maximum comfort. Players can enjoy their pre-flight hours and top up their wallets here.

On average, a typical Reno-Tahoe passenger arrives at the airport approximately 90 minutes before departure. By the time they have checked in, checked their luggage, and gone through security, they have had time to play the slots for around 20 minutes.

The advantage of the casino in Reno Tahoe is that you can play without being distracted by the noise of thousands of tourists. This airport is much quieter than most others, so you can really relax and unwind here while waiting for your flight.

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow is not only the biggest airport in the UK but also one of the busiest in the world. Tourists sometimes spend quite a lot of time here, so any means of entertainment will not be out of place.

Heathrow, like Las Vegas Airport, instead of a separate casino, has several hundred slot machines throughout the area — in lounge and departure areas, lounges, and elsewhere.

To play other traditional gambling games, you’ll have to leave the airport. But it’s worth it, not for nothing is the UK famous for its gambling popularity, a wide range of entertainment, and lenient legislation in this area.

The UK has a very loyal approach to gambling. Both land-based and online gambling establishments are legal throughout the country. Winnings are also not subject to any taxation.

This means that travelers to Heathrow can experience slot machines without having to worry about paying the taxman a percentage of their winnings. Slots at Heathrow are scattered around the lounge, departure area, and other frequented areas. So passengers can spend their time in comfort while waiting for their flight.

Unlike in the US, it is possible to play the machines in Britain for passengers aged 18 and over.

Among the disadvantages of Heathrow casino is that the range of games is a bit limited. In return, Britain’s oldest airport offers visitors a choice of first-class restaurants, spas, hotels, lounges, souvenir shops, and other places of interest.

They aren’t the only airports in the world to have slot machines, but the rest are inferior in terms of convenience and the variety of slot choices. But it really doesn’t matter whether you’re playing in a luxury casino, in an airport, or on your sofa at home. The main thing to remember is that gambling should be handled responsibly.