What is bohemian chic style ?

The bohemian chic style is a set of inspirations coming straight from the 19th century for the bohemian, and from the 1970s for the hippie fashion. Bohemia, a former region of the current Czech Republic, was once associated with the free, wandering, and often carefree populations of Eastern Europe. It is finally the fusion of the bohemian trend and the hippie style that gave the bohemian chic. Truly inspired by history, this style is today mostly represented by fluid, ethical or artistic pieces, but always worked in a way to represent the freedom of women and a particularly relaxed lifestyle.

The boho look is one of the most imitated and reworked by true fashion enthusiasts. It is notably a reinvention of the bohemian style, which draws much of its inspiration from the streets of Paris…

Appeared in the 2000s, it was originally a contraction of the words “bohemian” and “homeless”, which is the image of the free and picturesque artist, whose style of dress and interior was lined with patterns and colors. Shall we tell you what it looks like today? Here’s what you need to know about this style and how to wear it!

The boho chic outfits

If it is simple and casual, the bohemian chic style is very precise in cultivating its look both elegant and close to nature. If you dream of composing a bohemian style, you will find at Boho Andromeda the clothes you need: our relooking coaches will propose you the boho outfits the most adjusted to your morphology while adapting to your tastes and your style.

Bohemian chic clothes, or boho chic, are mostly made of natural materials found in nature: mainly wool, linen, silk or cotton. As for the colors, they are generally neutral and natural: brown, white, pale pink or copper shades. You can wear boho dresses for a good hippie chic style. Eco-friendly clothing for women is also often found within the bohemian chic trend.

For a bohemian chic wardrobe, you should opt for crocheted clothes, lace and adorned with many light shades, recalling the colorful look of bohemian women and their love of fantasy.

The outfits are fluid and pleasant to wear: tunics, loose shirts, long dresses…

The floral patterns are honored.

The accessories of the hippie look

Women wearing the boho chic look bring elegance to their outfits with perfectly matching accessories. A small trendy handbag will be a sensation: even more so if it is made of natural material, preferably with bangs! A flowery or colorful headband to hold your hair in place, a bit like the hippie years, or a pair of round sunglasses.

The boho chic hairstyle

Women who cultivate the boho look like to keep their hair loose and natural. If you want to style your hair according to this trend, then leave out the frills and overly sophisticated hairstyles and opt for simplicity. Most of the time you’ll find long, slightly wavy hair, but if you have short hair, you can definitely style it bohemian chic. A crown of flowers, a braid that holds the hair back, a small disheveled bun … avoid dyes to favor a real return to natural.

The bohemian chic makeup

To achieve a bohemian chic makeup, prefer natural because it requires a very simple rendering! Choose a slightly dark foundation cream, to give you the look of being tanned, as if you had spent a vacation in the sun.

The characteristics of the boho style

Here are four characteristics that strongly mark the personal style of a “boho” woman:

  • Creativity
  • Freedom
  • Relaxation
  • Accepting not to be in the norm, to follow her own rules.

In terms of clothing, now, this translates into a mix of colors, styles and origins, materials, fabrics and accessories. And it usually gives an organic, natural and even slightly wild effect that makes the salt of a boho look.

The origins of the boho style

“Bohemian”, which appears in our vocabulary as early as the 17th century, rather quickly defines an anti-bourgeois lifestyle, free-thinking, and often artistic, and eccentric dress. The absolute center of bohemia, Paris and Montmartre in particular have inspired the world – and fashion – for two centuries.

“Bohemians” were first and foremost artists, authors, and intellectuals who chose and claimed a free lifestyle, often poor but voluntarily outside the norm.

In the twentieth century, the bohemian movement was quickly identified with the hippie movement, its demands for freedom and peace, and its refusal of established social rules.

Also, when we think of “bohemian” today, we quickly think of Woodstock and Coachella, where fashion now draws on

How to create a successful boho look?

Here are some basic tips for choosing the pieces in your wardrobe that will ensure a boho style…


The artisanal, even rustic touch is the basis of boho. In concrete terms, this means suede, denim, crochet and fringe.

In the logic of this choice of clothing and materials, it is always about wide cuts or with enough movement and fluidity. Dresses, wide skirts, blouses and kimonos for example.

In terms of color, boho is more in the natural range, from ecru to earth tones and up to the indigo of a late sunset.

The accessories are essential, they make all the salt of a boho outfit. The American version relies on accessories of the Great West, such as cowboy hats, bangs and boots, while the Parisian version relies on oversized jewelry, long and beaded necklaces for example. 

Authenticity privileged, your necklaces of seeds collected during an exotic trip correspond completely to this style.

As the idea of bohemian goes back a long way in time, this style carries with it many vintage clothes. Caftan, sarong skirt, silk or cotton shirts, poncho, and even army surplus revisited in a protest logic.

The ideal is to combine these specific pieces with your basics for a really personal outfit.

The clothes and accessories of the boho fashion

Maxi dresses, wool vests (or even lace and crochet), loose-fitting clothes, floral and ethnic patterns, XXL jewelry, wide-brimmed hats, extra-large belts and comfortable shorts, bangs and tassels, feathers and pearls, leather bags and shoulder straps, boots and booties, worn-out jeans… All topped with windy and always tousled hair: these are the secrets of the ideal wardrobe of a bohemian woman.

What is the bohemian style?

The overstuffed look. Remember that this movement comes from the artistic world, so a precise choice for a harmonious outfit.

The disguise side. It’s not about “playing the hippie” by bringing out your feathers and your John Lennon glasses… But adapting a bohemian style to your lifestyle and your personality.

Mix and match: a boho look is a look that doesn’t care about convention. So invent your own combination.

Go for it

Monochrome in earth tones, whites, dry greens… Play with variations of the same color to nuance the outfit.

Recycle! This is the big advantage of the boho style: you will be able to rummage in the attics and reuse your finds to your liking.

A spring-summer boho look

For spring and the hottest days of the year, take your cues from the boho chic style. With lace, shorts, lightweight vests, printed scarves and fringed bags.

The perfect bohemian look for a summer day? Worn denim shorts, a blousy top with lace inserts in beige tones and a brown fringe jacket. Accessorize with suede booties, extra-large glasses and a leather bag. Accessorize with several rings and bracelets for a look you can take to the beach and Coachella!

A fall-winter boho look

In winter, boho looks have an unbeatable ally: knitwear. Anything that has a stitch to go with a needle is bound to be welcome in a boho style, from ultra-wide scarves to chunky knit cardigans, to throw-over flared jeans or a long dress.

The star of our selection? The floral maxi dress in burgundy tones, a knit cardigan, suede boots and a wide-brimmed hat, not to mention the little camel leather shoulder bag. You’re ready for the cold season!