What are custom leather patches for jackets?

Custom leather patches are a great way to style your jacket! You can use high-quality leather for your custom leather patches for jackets. These types of patches add more appeal to a clothing piece especially jackets, jeans, and hats. Jackets with custom leather patches have a beauty of their own! Such fashion cannot get old rather it came back after every decade with much vigor. 

This article is all about the custom leather patches for our supportive readers who want to know more about personalized products of custom leather patches. There are various ways which are used to fix a custom leather patch by sewing, adding Velcro, and using adhesives. You may like to fix a custom leather patch on the lapels of the jacket, on the pocket, backside, or shoulder of the jacket. If you already have a design or concept, visit UltraPatches to order custom made leather patches.

Custom leather patches 

Custom leather patches are a must part of each pair of denim or jacket and these patches were a fashion statement to custom clothing labels. These types of patches illustrate the label more vividly and animatedly and are used to create an elegant vision on hats, jackets, jeans, backpacks, and also socks. Customized leather patches have various backing options, you can stitch them, you can get them in Velcro, stick them, or heal-sealed them on the desired place of jackets. 

The Fame of Custom Leather Patches 

Custom leather patches got their fame during WWII when American Military aviators designed their flight jackets with leather patches to distinguish themselves from other pilots and teams. 

Style of Personalized Leather Patches 

The customized leather patches have a style of their own! They are the epitome of quality for our brand. There are other options to make custom leather patches like using synthetic leather patches, or PU emblem is also an option to make leather-made custom patches. 

Meanwhile, many animal lovers do not like leather patches made from animal hide so they tend to go for vegan patches which means they are made from artificial leather, which is not manufactured from cows or any other skin

Embossed custom leather patches 

Personally customized leather patches are usually embossed by a mold. Moreover, laser-made personalized leather patches are gaining ground and becoming trendy. Laser machine leather patches give detail to tiny art compared to any other type of patches

People like to buy custom-made leather for hats, jackets, caps, keychains, logos, and branding. The elite tends to go for a luxurious brand for their leather products like handbags. Custom embossed leather patches are usually made for beanies, shirts, and jackets. 

The style and material of the custom leather patches highly depend upon the place or clothing piece you want it to stick on. The high-quality custom leather patches are the first choice because they are durable and don’t get worn out easily. 

Debossed custom leather patches 

Debossed custom leather patches have lettering and design pressed or stamped down instead of being in the background. 

Today’s Custom leather patches

Leather patches are being used in a variety of ways with specialized techniques. Apart from military wear, custom leather patches have two other uses: 

  • They can be used to place over some hole on the clothing.
  • They are used to personalize a piece of clothing. 

Leather has long durability and so do leather patches. So you can be personalized your jackets, jeans, hats, and keychains without the worry of leather being worn out. 

Usage of Custom leather patches 

Custome leather patches are usually used on clothes and other everyday life accessories. They are a way to express your character and personality through an accessory and clothing. Here are some examples of how custom leather patches are utilized. 


Jackets allow a lot of creativity and freedom to design them. Your custom leather patches can be attached to the left chest of the jacket, lapel, back, shoulder, or wherever you like. You can personalize your jacket design any way you want.


Custom leather patches can be placed on any place on the hat too including the side of the hat, front, and back. 


Custom leather patches that have some kind of name or logo can be put on any backpack. Mostly you have seen some leather patches containing the name of the manufacturers placed on the upper front of any backpack.