What Attracts Bed Bugs Into Your House? 

Bed bugs do not fly or jump. Still, they get successful in making a way into our homes. Like other insects, bed bugs also need shelter and food. In search of their necessities, bed bugs might end up in your house. 


It is surprising to note that bed bugs are not attracted to leftover food items or dirty places; they get into your house from any public location like libraries, offices, airports, and more. Once you see bed bugs in your home, get prepared for a pest control treatment. As bed bugs are smart at hiding. Trying to get rid of them on their own can be difficult, and any effort to do so can be insufficient, or the result may be ineffective. Therefore, it is essential to get professional help when getting rid of bed bugs. To get your pest control treatment done by experts, you can contact pest control in Schertz


What are the facts and myths related to bed bugs?




  • Bed bugs are attracted to wood: 


Usually, it is said that bed bugs are good at hiding in wood cracks, but this statement doesn’t look very appealing. Moreover, bed bugs infestation will not reduce even if you discard the wooden furniture. 


  • Bed bugs are attracted to household chemicals: 


Bugs are not attracted to the chemicals used frequently in the house, like ammonia, bleach, or detergents. It is a misconception that many people believe. Although, they produce their chemical, histamine, which attracts other bed bugs. 


  • Bed bugs are attracted to menstrual blood: 


Bed bugs don’t have any specific sensing mechanism to know if a person is in the menstrual phase of the menstrual cycle. So, they are not attracted to the human blood, but the heat produced by the body and carbon dioxide can draw them. 


  • Bed bugs are attracted to urine:  


There is no scientific proof that urine can be an attractant. But, as said earlier, bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide, and urine has the right acidity to be possible. 


  • Bed bugs are not visible: 


Bed bugs and even their eggs can be seen with naked eyes, but they are very good at hiding during the daytime. So, they can be caught during the nighttime. 




  • Dark bedsheets attract bugs: 


Usually, bed bugs are attracted to darker colors like red and black because it becomes easy to camouflage and gain more protection from predators. 


  • Bugs are attracted to dirty laundry: 


Bed bugs can attack dirty clothes because they find them as a means of hiding and shelter. 


  • Bed bugs are attracted to warmth: 


Bed bugs are very well attracted to the body temperature.