Powerful professional hair dryers

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There are many type of powerful professional hair dryers on the market today, the lightweight powerful professional hair dryer made by Olayer Chinese wholesale hair dryer company is one of the best powerful professional hair dryers on the world today.

Lightweight Professional powerful Hair Dryer

Lightweight Professional powerful hair dryer is lightweight and provides healthier hair and ceramic ionic technology. This light weight powerful hairdryer from Olayer hair dryer manufacturer quietly and quickly dries curly hair, thick hair and even shoulder long hair using ION technology.

One of the best function of this Lightweight Professional powerful Hair Dryer can do is the infusion of moisture into your hair to prevent fizziness. Also, it has 3 heat and 5 models settings with cold shot button.

Lightweight Professional powerful Hair dryer comes with concentrator attachment for styling and removable filter that makes cleaning easy. this powerful Hair dryer uses 1400 watts with ALCI safety plug plus the 110,000 turns paten brushless motor, and has convenient hanging ring for easy storage.

Foldable Professional high speed Hair Dryer

Foldable Professional high speed Hair Dryer made by Olayer high speed hair dryer company dries hair fast and save lots of time. For thick, long or curly hair, Tourmaline hair dryer would be the best addition to your hair dryer care kit. It leaves your hair smooth and shiny without any frizzy.

Other features that best describe Foldable Professional high speed Hair Dryer

 includes cuticle layer to protect your hair as well as the negative ions that add moisture and sheen.

The Foldable Professional high speed Hair Dryer has 3 speed settings, cool shot ionized concentrator, foldable design, weigh less, and it is very easy to handle. This hairdryer uses ceramic heating element,  and comes with screen and removable filter for easy cleaning.

Ceramic Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

Small in size with foldable size 50*90*200mm, and one of the best, Ceramic Ionic Travel Hair Dryer gives soft, smooth, shiny, and healthy looking hair. This hair dryer provides higher air volume for faster hair drying, very quiet, and weight less compared to other hair dryers.

The Olayer Chinese hair styling tools manufacturer uses ceramic heating element to prevents hair burn. The best features yet that come with Ceramic Ionic Travel Hair Dryers are high and low heat settings with air flow speed control and dual voltage setting for worldwide usage.

The Ceramic Ionic Travel Hair Dryer has folding handle, 3 meter power cord and a removable back grate for easy filter cleaning. All these features make Ceramic Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

 the best hair dryer for travel. For frequent travelers, Ceramic Ionic Travel Hair Dryer would ease your aggravation from hotel room hair dryers.

Super Solano Professional Hair Dryer

Super Solano Professional hair dryer is one of the best hair dryer compared to most hairdryers. Super Solano is used by many hair stylist professionals and high end salons. Best for curly hair, this hair dryer has high efficiency and leaves your hair looking healthy all the time.

Super Solano is a high-powered hairdryer. Its main features include heat and speed settings with instant cold button which is a plus for safety.

Other features that come with this well built professional hair dryer includes an extra long cord and a fiberglass concentrator nozzle for efficiently drying your hair.

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