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Top Features to Look While Buying Organic Tampons with Applicator

Tampons are a great convenience when you are on your periods. They give you more freedom to do the things you regularly love to do than sanitary pads and cups. However, since tampons are inserted into your body, it’s best to choose organic tampons with applicator for maximized safety and convenience.

These organic tampons will not trigger health issues and are easy to dispose of. Organic tampons are also more environmentally friendly than other commercial tampons—however, it’s vital to assess the reliability and reputation of the tampon brand before buying their products. Also, remember that quality and safety are more crucial than price when you’re selecting an organic tampon product.

High-Quality Plastic

Check if the tampons you plan to buy are made of safe BPA-free plastic applicators. These applicators are excellent to ensure maximum hygiene. BPA is a toxic industrial chemical found in plastic and resins.

Studies show that this chemical can have possible adverse impacts on infants and young children’s brain and prostate glands. Additionally, BPA can also increase blood pressure, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases.

So, applicators that are not made with BPA-free plastic may not be the healthiest option. This toxic element has also been linked to infertility issues and immunity issues.

Certified Organic

Not all tampon brands that advertise organic tampons actually sell organic tampons. So it’s essential to check if the tampons you plan to buy are certified organic. Determine if the brand conducts necessary quality tests and third-part tests to ensure organic and safe products.

Organic tampon brands use 100% cotton to create their tampons, and their tampons don’t contain any dyes, chemicals, or fragrances. With organic tampons, tampon users don’t have to worry about skin irritation, rashes, or other health issues.

Tampon Size

Check if the brand allows you to pick from a range of tampon sizes. Also, ensure the tampons are compact and travel-friendly. The sizes typically vary from lite or small to extra large or super plus. It is also essential to choose the right tampon size for your needs.

Applicators make the whole insertion process much more manageable. However, you are bound to be very uncomfortable throughout the day if the tampons don’t fit well. Buying tampons that fit well will also help avoid leaks and stains.

It’s vital to note that tampon sizes vary based on the fluid they absorb. It’s recommended you start with smaller-sized tampons to figure out your size and then work your way up (if necessary).

Pricing Options

Consider the pricing options the company offers before ordering organic tampons with an applicator. Some companies may offer installment pricing options or subscription options for high-quality tampons.

Check if the prices charged by the tampon company are compatible with your budget. Subscription plans will help ensure that your monthly needs are met without delay.

Brand’s Reputation

Choose a trusted brand when buying tampons. Read tampon reviews and testimonials offered by former users to ensure that the promised quality is delivered.

Wrapping Up

Several brands now sell 100% organic tampons that are good for you and the environment. Also, check if the company offers fast and easy shipping options to ensure your products reach on time.