Tips for Stopping Hair Loss

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Finding natural ways to stop hair loss can be extremely beneficial, as can finding medical hair loss treatment Westchester County NY. However, natural products do not often have side effects. Whichever direction you decide to go, here are some natural ways you can start with.

Scalp Massage

One natural way to stop hair loss that can be used every day is a scalp massage. Scalp massage has been used for centuries to promote healthy growth. The oils from your scalp contain vital nutrients that your follicles need to produce the proteins that keep your hair strong. When you massage your scalp every day, the scalp will become accustomed to the oils, and the nutrients will begin to work more effectively.

Coconut Oil

An additional natural way to retain hair may come from coconut oil. Coconut oil contains natural substances that can help your hair to grow. One substance, called lauric acid, is similar to the acid found in your body. Coconut oil is particularly good for hair that has been damaged by harsh chemicals or treatments. It will thicken the hair that it touches and will leave it feeling stronger and shinier.


Taking a supplement rich in magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium can also be an effective natural way to stop balding. Many commercial hair products are lacking in these minerals, which can lead to thinning hair and a lack of shine for your hair. If you can get your hair to absorb enough of these essential minerals, you’ll see results within just a few months. After a few months of use, you’ll likely find that your hair is even stronger and thicker than before.


If you would like to try a more holistic approach to stop hair loss, there are some herbs that have been shown to stimulate hair growth and maintain it throughout a person’s lifetime. One of the most popular herbal remedies is known as Saw Palmetto. This herb blocks a hormone that male hormones create, which can lead to hair thinning or even baldness. You can buy this natural method to stop hair loss in stores that sell beauty products, or you can grow it yourself using the guide below.


Regardless, of the natural way to stop hair loss you decide to use, make sure that you don’t use a product that has a lot of additives or ingredients. These can weaken your body and affect the effectiveness of other natural ways to stop hair loss as well. Some people like to use herbal remedies because they are more gentle on the body. Others use various types of oils to cover their bald spots. Whichever method that you choose, remember that it will take time before you notice any results.

That is why you may choose to start with natural remedies and then move to medical remedies, in the end, depending on which one works for you. You will thank yourself in the end when you choose to do something about it now since you only get one head of hair!