An Enriched Education Experience for Preschoolers

As a nation, we are becoming more aware of the subject matter taught to our children in the public school system. Parents are standing up to school boards against mandates and divisive curriculum that teaches children they are racist before they are old enough to know what it means, never mind having those types of thoughts or actions.

At the preschool age, our children really do have the entire world of knowledge ahead of them and we can make better choices as parents moving forward with an awareness of what they are taught. At an early age, their minds are still forming neural paths and are capable of absorbing and retaining information that is difficult for older children. Check day care richmond for more information.

One alternative is enrolling kids in Spanish class for preschoolers to learn a second language when it is easiest for the child to do so. If a child is learning another culture at an early age, he or she is also learning to accept and embrace other cultures – a positive approach to teaching a child not to have prejudices against children who are different from they are.

Many preschool programs are nothing more than playtime for a few hours offering only socialization for the child and very little if any, education. If no one points out that kids are different, children simply have a natural tendency to want to interact with anyone. Dislike must be taught, either in the home or classroom environment. 

But then what happens at the conclusion of preschool?

Many parents have no other option aside from the nearest public school. Once in the public school system, the parent has little control over the curriculum. In private schools, there is more control, because the school relies on monies paid directly from the parents, yet many are influenced by politicians. Control begins with parents taking back the system and controlling what type of education their money buys. If tax money collected on behalf of the public school system is allocated to the children, then each child will have that money follow him or her wherever he or she attends school.

Many parents have no choice right now with few options outside the public school system. They need to work, and they cannot afford to stay home and instruct their kids themselves. Besides the distractions, it is simply not a skill set all parents possess. If new opportunities for education were available, it would be easier for parents to choose not to send their kids to public school.

The youngest of our generation has many opportunities ahead to be taught how to be kind, caring, and accepting human beings. If they are never exposed to divisive thinking, they will keep open minds and extend warmth and kindness to everyone with no exceptions. It is important to show our preschoolers how loving mankind can be for they never need to know a world where people judge one another for characteristics that are out of their control. And if our children learn to love everyone equally, they can have a future without war.