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Top 4 Signs You Should Go to Beauty School

Do you love doing hair and makeup? Do you obsess over all of the latest beauty trends? Are you that friend that always helps everyone get ready before a night out on the town?

And, on top of that, maybe you feel like your current career isn’t going anywhere and you want out of the 9-5 inside the cubicle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be a clue that you’d be a great fit for cosmetology school.

Cosmetology school is a trade program that usually takes around a year to complete. But, even though it is only a year long, cosmetology school is still a really big commitment.

So, how can you tell whether or not you’re meant to go?

Read on to learn the top five signs you should go to beauty school.

1. You’re the Go-To Person for Other People’s Beauty Needs

Are you the person your friends and family members always call when they need to look great for a big event?

Maybe they come to you for hair? Or for makeup and nails? And, above all, they absolutely love the work you do?

Well, you could keep doing favors for your friends and family for free, or you could go to a beauty school so you could start charging your clients. Plus, the fact that a lot of people already turn to you for their beauty needs means you’ll have clientele waiting for you when you graduate!

And, beauty school isn’t just hair and makeup for women. You can also learn to be a barber, an esthetician, or a massage therapist. You can learn more about beauty school options here.

2. You Love Making People Feel Good About Themselves

Do you love making people feel good about themselves, but feel like you don’t get to do it enough on a regular basis?

One of the major perks of becoming a stylist is that you get to help make people feel good about themselves every single day. When you finish doing someone’s hair or makeup, and they look in the mirror and say, “Wow! I look great!”, you’ll get an amazing feeling of fulfillment.

3. You Have Great People Skills

In order to be a great cosmetologist, you need to be more than just a great hairstylist or makeup artist. You also need to have great people skills!

If you’re one of those people who can strike up a conversation with anyone, whether it’s on the bus or in line at the grocery store, then you probably have what it takes to make a great cosmetologist!

As a cosmetologist, you’ll continuously be interacting with a wide range of people every day. If the idea of chatting with different people every day excites you, then you’d probably make a great cosmetologist.

4. You Feel Trapped At Your Current Job

Do you feel trapped at your current job? Is sitting at a desk every day sucking out all of your energy and motivation?

Office jobs aren’t for everybody, and if you’re struggling at your current job, that may be a sign that you’re meant for a more “non-traditional” career path.

On top of that, you may also feel like you have all of this creativity bottled up inside of you that you can’t release at your current job. If this is the case, beauty school is the perfect opportunity for you to get out of your current mind-numbing job and express your creativity.  

Do you think beauty school is the right decision for you? Let us know in the comments below!