Obvious Indicators of Having Too Much Botox

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Botox is short for Botulinum toxin. This toxin is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. In small doses and correct application, this has numerous benefits. Botox injections are used for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

Botox can be used to treat migraines, eyelid spasms, and some bladder disorders. Botox is well known for its ability to reduce wrinkles and alter certain physical features. The cosmetic use of this protein is raved about and also quite notorious in the world of Hollywood.

If you are considering getting botox for subtle changes of some of your features, it is vital to know about the obvious indicators and botched procedures of botox injections. It is immensely crucial that only experienced doctors have a good rapport to complete this injection.

Most of us are well acquainted with celebrities who had too many botox procedures, and they simply look unnatural. The prominent over injection also looks more unappealing when looked at upfront and is often undesirable.

This article will discuss the telltale signs of excessive botox procedures so you know what to avoid.

Unnaturally Plump Lips

Having fuller lips is desirable and is often sought after. Lip fillers are quite common, and the procedure is very delicate. This method plumps the lips and gives them a more defined shape.

However, when the procedure is done wrong or too much botox is injected, it results in sausage lips, trout pout, or duck lips. All of these terms accurately describe overdone lip fillers. Sometimes one lip is plumper than the other — usually the top lip. This disproportion is often caused by lip filler migration.

Bad lip injections are quite common. Besides the distorted aesthetics, the lip tissue gets stretched out when over-injection is done repeatedly. The lips sag when the filler goes away. To circumvent this, some individuals often increase the amount of the filler to fill the larger lips, which leads to an exasperating cycle of stretching and excessive filling.

Pillow Face and Chipmunk Cheeks

People get fillers in their cheeks to give themselves a younger look. However, if the cheeks are overfilled or the wrong area is injected, it can lead to the unfortunate pillow face or chipmunk cheeks where the cheeks bulge and make the face look puffier.

Pillow face is the term given to describe the overinflated face caused by the excessive botox injection. Sunset eyes refer to the eyes looking smaller when the face becomes distorted. The puffiness also makes the jawline look smaller in comparison.

To balance out the disfigurement, some people get filler in the lower part of their face. This has a more adverse effect, leading to the whole face looking heavy and swollen.

Witch’s Chin

The perfect symmetry of the face calls for the face being divided into equal thirds. People with short or square chins often opt for chin fillers to elongate the face for achieving the ideal facial proportions. People also alter their chins to get a slimmer look and a more defined jawline.

If the chin is overfilled, it leads to a distorted chin that resembles a stereotypical witch. Instead of enhancing the appearance, the protruding chin makes the face look scary and undesirable.

Frozen Face

One of the biggest fears of getting botox is ending up with an unnatural face that can not make any expressions. The frozen face with the unmovable muscles makes the person look un-human.

This occurs when copious amounts of botox are injected and can paralyze the facial muscles. This paralysis makes it difficult to smile, frown or make any form of facial expression. This unsavory effect goes away when the botox dissipates, but who likes to spend months not smiling or laughing?

The staggering levels of botox can also cause a permanent uneven smile or any sort of asymmetric lip movement. The lower part of the face is quite sensitive and any change can make it difficult to pucker and speak.

Droopy Eyelids

The eye area is generally one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. When the botox is injected near the orbital bone above the pupil, it is very likely that the botox can slide down and accumulate in the upper eyelid. This adds weight to the eyelids, making them droop.

This unintended consequence can last for weeks, sometimes even months. Instead of looking younger, the victim experiences the opposite of what they desired.

Spock Brow

Despite being a Star Trek fan, no one really wants to have unnatural Spock brows that barely move. This unwanted issue arises when more botox is injected into the center of the forehead than into the sides.

This causes the brow tail to be unnaturally high and the other end to be lower than usual. The undesirable arch of the brows makes it apparent that the botox was not subtle at all.

Avatar Nose

To amplify one’s appearance, it is preferred by many to have a slimmer and higher nose bridge. To achieve a more aesthetically pleasing nose, many individuals opt for nose fillers.

When this procedure is done improperly, the nose bridge becomes wider as the fillers spread on the sides. The broadened nasal bridge resembles the nose of the Na’vi from the critically acclaimed movie Avatar, hence the term “Avatar nose” has been dubbed to describe the distorted nose.

Overinflated Forehead

To smooth out the forehead wrinkles and bony contours, many people get botox fillers in this region. Excessive botox often makes the forehead look inflated. It also makes the temple immobile.

Final Thoughts

Botox has numerous benefits when used sparingly and injected by skillful experts. It is very important to opt for an experienced doctor who understands the aesthetics and the aftermath of botox injections.

To avoid the aforementioned botched results, get your botox done by a doctor who has years of experience in this field.