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How Botox Can Help With Existing Wrinkles

What used to be a myth in adventure novels is now a reality! The desire of staying young and beautiful is demonstrated by the stats shared by cosmetic clinics that help in lifting years off faces, necks, and personality! We all want to look young and beautiful, but it comes with a price! Botox is one of the most common non-invasive treatments that yields effective results when it comes to ageing. It is an innovative, advanced, and dermatologist-certified treatment. Botox injection helps in upliftment of your skin and makes your skin looks healthier, younger and wrinkle free!

You must be thinking about how Botox works and how can this prove to be a miracle for your skin. The below points will help you understand:

It helps in preserving skin tone and warding off unwanted lines

According to NewSkin Laser Center, Botox injections help in pumping the facial muscles of the skin which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The frown lines between your brows and crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes are treated because of botulism bacteria contained in Botox. It is necessary to soften the movement of the muscles which create facial expressions as they are followed by wrinkles. The Botox treatment helps in softening these muscles which gradually decreases wrinkles.

Removing wrinkles from roots is not possible

The muscles which cause wrinkles are injected with a tiny needle in Botox. It doesn’t remove wrinkles from roots (they can’t be removed as it’s tendency of the skin to get wrinkles with ageing) rather it disables the facial muscles that cause wrinkles. It blocks all those facial nerves that leads to contracting of muscles. Patients are trained not to tug at muscles after Botox treatment so that they don’t get wrinkles again. The effect lasts for three to five months during which ability of underlying muscles to contract and crease the skin decreases.

Botox heals dynamic wrinkles

Not all wrinkles are treated equally. Botox is effective around mouth, cheeks and corner of the eyes. These are the spots which get dynamic wrinkles, in other words, these areas of the face are prone to be wrinkled when the muscle contracts and relaxes. As we start to age, the skin loses elasticity and Botox helps in soften and relaxing these muscles.

It helps you in smiling with confidence

You don’t want to have an expressionless existence. Smiling, chewing, laughing and crying leads to movement of your facial muscles. Botox injections are highly diluted and purified form of botulism. It helps in relaxing the muscles so that when you smile and shine through your eyes, you don’t get creased!

Within five years, demand for Botox has increased by 90%! This shows the popularity of Botox among women across the globe. The results of Botox are satisfactory, and it must be because it is not reversible. Hence, it is very important to speak to your dermatologist before undergoing this treatment so that you have a realistic image of what it can or cannot do. Some testimonials from previous clients will also be beneficial.