Know what to consider before buying pure silk bedding

People who are fond of luxury go to buy only luxury items. Silk sheets are one of them which will give your bedding a luxury look. Here you will get to know about silk bedding and its types so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

Types of silk used to make sheets –

  • Mulberry – it is one of the most common types used as is known as mulberry silk bedding. Due to a highly controlled breeding environment, mulberry silk comes at a high price and uniform appearance. to make this material, silkworms are fed mulberry leaves.
  • Tussah – is a form of wild silk. Silkworms are fed juniper and oak leaves before they form a cocoon. The fibers of this silk are a bit rough and shorter.
  • Eri – it is also a form of wild silk, and in this type, silkworms are fed on the caster paint. The fibers are not soft and also short.
  • Muga – it is a type of silk material that has a coarse feel because of the open-ended cocoon. It is also a type of wild silk.
  • Dupion – this type of silk is strong. It is formed from double cocoons and is durable and wrinkle resistant.
  • Haboti – it is a plain weave pattern that is used with lightweight fabric and is commonly used in line garments.

Things you need to consider before buying Pure Silk Bedding –

  1. Material – as you know, silk is made from the cocoon fiber of silkworms, and to create one pound of silk, it can take up to 5,000 cocoons. The factors that affect the feel and weight of the silk are the type and diet of the silkworms. As compared to other bedding materials, silk has softness and elegance. Organic silk is expensive, and blended silk, which is a mix of cotton silk, is a more budget-friendly option.
  2. Weave – the density and feel of silk sheets are based on the way silk threads are woven on the loom. For example, some silk sheets are made with a charmeuse weave in which the sheets have a two-sided design that is a high sheen on one side and dulls on another side. The weave of a silk sheet indicates what pattern it is made and how many silk threads are used.
  3. Feel – if you think that silk sheets will be slippery like synthetic stain sheets are, then you are wrong. Though silk sheets have a smooth and soft feel, they are not slippery. Different types of silk sheets give you a different feel. It only depends on the weave pattern.
  4. Price – you should not buy cheap silk sheets because they are not durable. There are varieties of silk sheets available with different price ranges.
  5. Design, color, and pattern – you can find various colors available for silk bed sheets because it holds dye very well. White, neutral colors, jewel tones, and vibrant shades can be commonly found. Silk bedding is available in solid colors, but you can also have it in additional patterns and designs.
  6. Breathability – silk has high breathability, which helps in regulating temperature and preventing overheat. It is an all-season fabric.

Best pure silk bedding you can choose –

  • Seamless Silk Bedding Set – if you want to get a king-like feel in a bed, then this bedding is just for you.
  • Pure mulberry silk bedding linen – if you choose mid-range, this is the best option. It comes in various pastel shades.
  • Satin Silk Duvet Cover Set – it has a shiny and glam look and is available in six colors.
  • 100% pure mulberry silk vintage pink bed linen – it is one of the most expensive options, which give a beautiful look and soft feel. It is so soft that you will feel that you are sleeping on a cloud.