Can a hair straightener cause hair loss?

Hairstyles are an important aspect of personal grooming. And many of us imagine our hair to be straight as a pin that would flow in the minimal wind too. It is like having a fantasy these days.

Hair straightener can help us with that. Women tend to use the hair straightening method often. Thinking about various hairstyles like curly, kinky, or wavy is very exciting. Isn’t it?

But wait, hair straitening isn’t good all the time. Using hair straighteners incorrectly & frequently can have adverse effects on your hair locks. It can lead to severe yet untimely hair fall.

Ahh, bad news, right? No need to worry I can understand your problems and got your back.

In this post, we will discuss the causes of the unwanted side effects of hair straightening. This will help you know about the root of your hair problems. Not only this, but I will also tell you how to solve them.

Let’s get started.

Reason #1: Too hot treatment

Flat iron straightens hair by changing hydrogen bonds throughout the hair with heat. It isn’t always damaging for hair.

But, overheating from a straightener can burn and dry hair. And it will also tear down the proteins in the hair shaft. It’s critical to choose a heat setting that’s safe for your hair.

If a single too hot hair straightening session can cause damage as split ends, hair loss, etc and you may need to go for Hair replacement systems.

Reason#2: Using it more often

Styling your hair with hair straighteners once or twice in 20/25 days is okay! It won’t damage your hair. But doing it every day or even on alternate days can make it disastrous for you.

So, keep this in mind before using a hair straightener often.

If you have nice textured hair, applying heat often can hurt the natural curl and make your hair thin and weak. Besides this, you may also face hair breakage problems.

Even if you naturally have straight hair, you shouldn’t use the heat styling method. It is because dry and straight hair can also break.

Reason #3 Not using any protectants

Hair straightening without applying protectants is not safe at all.

Products like hair protectants act as guards for your hair. They have ingredients like silicones to create a protective layer between your hair and heat.

So it is like when you use the heat styling method, you are fighting without guards. And your hair is given heat without protection.

Whether you have thick, thin or fine hair, whether you use 300 degrees or 400 degrees of heat during styling, it can harm your hair. Thus, it is advisable to use heat protectants.

Reason #4 Maybe, you’re not doing moisture treatments timely

A perfect blend and balance are essential to keep your hair healthy. especially when you love heat treatment. Because the heated iron dehydrates your hair and breaks down the protein in it. Thus, moisturizing and protein treatment before and after heat treatment is essential to avoid hair fall.

Now we know that hair straighteners cause hair loss. But not just that, there are many other side effects caused due to incorrect heat treatment.

Let’s have a look at the side effects list.

  1. Dryness
  2. Frizz
  3. Damage
  4. Generation of split ends
  5. Flatness
  6. Persistent hair loss
  7. Tender scalp
  8. More stagnant hair growth
  9. Hair texture negatively swayed
  10. Itthiciness on body parts.

These are the various side effects that you may face. Quite scary right? But don’t worry I have found some solutions for you.

Here’s what you should do.

  1. Always apply a good hair protectant to keep hair safe from being fried because of heat straightening.
  2. Try to reduce heat treatment and make it to once to twice a week. Avoid doing it daily at any cost.
  3. Use your hair straightener at low and medium degree temperature. It will reduce the chances of damage.
  4. Do not make the mistake of doing heat treatment when your hair is wet. During this time hair is more likely to break.
  5. Apply hair oil and conditioner after every heat treatment session to restore the proteins and moisture present in the hair. You can also use the deep condition method to provide some more moisture to your hair.
  6. Every other week, use a natural hair mask composed of yogurt, coconut milk, honey, and olive oil to nourish your hair.
  7. To restore your hair’s luster, rinse it along with apple cider vinegar (two teaspoons ACV in a cup of water).

There’s no such problem that does not has a solution. The same is with hair problems. If you take the necessary precautions, you may not face any side effects of using best straighteners.

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