Introducing Vitamin B3 into Your Skincare Routine For Optimal Skin Health

Vitamins of any variety and form can only be a good thing, especially when it comes to our skin health! Since the skin is the largest organ that our bodies are home to, it’s essential that we take the time to nurture it and keep it at optimum health!


Did you know that 97% of Australians are dehydrated due to our harsh climate? And that skin dehydration is usually the first skin condition that causes many more to follow? This is why it is essential to take the time to focus on our skins hydration levels – both topically and internally, to ensure our skin has adequate amounts of water, to be able to naturally exfoliate itself, communicate to cells; improving overall skin function and to create a protective layer; to ensure our skin is protected from all external influences, at all times.


Thanks to Fresh Face Skin, we’ve created this blog covering Vitamin B3 Skincare – why it is so important for the skin and how this vitamin can improve various skin concerns!


Vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide, when used within skincare, has amazing anti-inflammatory skin benefits – helping to reduce skin redness, irritation and sensitivity and is especially beneficial for calming and strengthening inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Vitamin B3 also helps to balance oil flow within the skin – ensuring your skin remains balanced and nourished, as well as energising cell function – improving the skins ability to function optimally – assisting with skin healing time, skin tone and collagen and elastin production.


So, just how can you go about integrating a Vitamin B3 product into your daily skincare routine? It’s really quite simple, here’s the low down.


The first thing you want to do is have a failsafe skincare routine already in place, that suits your lifestyle, budget and most importantly – your skins individual needs. We’re going back to the essentials here, but it’s always good to have a reminder of the basics, so that you can fit your Vitamin B3 Skincare into your already established routine.

Step 1:      Cleanse


You will always begin your skincare regimen with a cleanse. Now, don’t forget that you should be following your skincare routine morning and night, making some slight product adjustments, depending on whether it is the day or night.


If it’s morning time, you’ll just want to do a single cleanse. For evening, make sure you do a double cleanse to “wash off the day” alongside any makeup and heavy moisturisers and SPFs. For your cleanser you can find one to suit your skin type and needs via the Fresh Face Skin cleanser range. As all of Fresh Face Skin cleansers are PH balanced and gently cleanse the skin without leaving the skin feeling stripped and vulnerable – no toner is needed after cleansing!

Step 2: Treat


This step is where you can introduce Vitamin B3 skincare, if desired and where you can get your correction fix and correction meaning – where we can improve your main skin concerns and work a little deeper within the skin! Fortunately for you, Fresh Face Skin have got you covered with their treatment and enhancer range – each designed to improve specific skin functions for various skin concerns.


Our one-of-a-kind Hydration Booster has been created with your skin’s hydration levels in mind. With a carefully curated ingredient list of plant based antioxidants, Vitamin B3 and hydrators, aimed to plump fine lines and rejuvenate your tired looking skin


There’s a couple of ways you can use this product, so find a way that works best for your skin and your lifestyle, remembering that regardless of how you choose to incorporate this product into your routine – it must be applied to a damp skin, to allow the hyaluronic acid ingredient to work effectively; drawing water into the skin, to optimise the skin hydrating affects.


  • Apply your Hydration Booster directly onto a damp skin after cleansing
  • To customise your skincare routine and to combat various skin concerns – you can then layer your chosen Fresh Face Skin treatment on top of the Hydration Booster, once absorbed. Just add 1x pump of your treatment and apply all over or spot treat as needed.


It’s important to know that our Hydration Booster serum cannot be mixed into any oil-based product such as our Soother treatment, as the oil properties will counteract the water properties of the Hydration Booster, making the Hydration Booster non effective which we don’t want! But don’t worry, you can still utilise your Soother Treatment alongside the Hydration Booster, as long as the Soother treatment is applied on top of the Hydration Booster, once absorbed, as per our 4th step below.

Step 4: Nourish


After applying your Fresh Face Skin Hydration Booster and  treatments, we then want to focus on nourishing and protecting the skin.

Fresh Face Skin Soother treatment is a light oil blend product, which has been designed for all skin types and concerns – from oily/acne to dry/mature and will help to moisturise the skin, while locking in that precious hydration – helping to prevent it from escaping the skin throughout the day.

Remember to apply this oil to not only your face, but all the way down to your neck and collar bones. Don’t forget – it’s your neck that is the first area to show signs of ageing so don’t just finish your skincare at your face!

Step 5: Protect with SPF


Something we will never stop stressing here at Fresh Face Skin is the importance of daily SPF application, especially in the intense UV rays that Australia is known for. This should always be the very last product you put on to keep yourself protected. And don’t forget the ears!


There you have it. A step-by-step guide on creating a daily skincare routine.


You don’t need all sorts of overly expensive, harsh chemicals to give you a healthy looking, glowing complexion. We believe that simple is best and that’s why Fresh Face Skin carefully curates natural products that are gentle on your skin and its barrier, cruelty free and always affordable, for sustainable, long term skin results.