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Sports medicine focuses on addressing the numerous injuries that usually occur due to athletic activity or exercise. For practical solutions, contact Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado to benefit from sports medicine in Colorado Springs. Schedule your appointment today for customized treatment and same or next-day appointments with board-certified podiatrists Jordan Cameron, DPM, and his expert team.

Examples of Some Common Sports Injuries

If you happen to be an athlete or lead an active lifestyle, your physical activities can weigh significantly on your feet and ankles. Due to the repetitive footwork and jumping synonymous with sports such as volleyball, soccer, and tennis, you risk developing common injuries such as:

  • Neuromas
  • Stress fractures
  • Ankle sprains
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Sesamoiditis (turf toe)
  • Plantar fasciitis

Competitive and recreational runners are also susceptible to sports injuries. Most sports injuries result from overuse or trauma to your ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints, or bones.

Sports injuries are not just painful; they can leave a lasting effect on your performance. Your Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado specialists offer numerous surgical and minimally invasive treatments to help restore the vitality and function of your foot and ankle.

Symptoms of Sports Injury

If you suffer a sports injury, you may find it cumbersome bearing weight on your foot or ankle. Despite variances according to your kind of injury, common symptoms include:

  • Weakness
  • Swelling
  • Severe pain
  • Sudden pain
  • Limited range of motion

When you experience sports injury symptoms, do not subject yourself to living with the pain. Adding more stress to your injury may increase your pain, further impairing your physical performance.

Your specialists at Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado deliver timely, same, or next-day appointments and customized treatment to help you resume your normal activities as soon as possible.

How Are Sports Injuries Treated?

Sports injury treatment varies depending on the magnitude of your condition. When you visit the Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado, your doctor begins with a thorough examination that includes a physical exam and imaging tests.

Your provider works with you to determine the type of your injury and designs a customized treatment plan according to your symptoms, diagnosis, and medical history. In many cases, sports injuries can be addressed using conservative techniques such as:

  • Regenerative medicine
  • R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression, elevation)
  • Custom orthotics
  • Immobilization

If your condition appears to be severe, you might need surgical treatment. The Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado surgeons boast advanced training in most conventional and minimally invasive procedures to grant you a lasting reprieve.

Other Services

Besides sports injuries, new and existing patients can receive various other high-quality services at Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado. Call the offices for treatments such as:

  • Plantar warts
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Ankle surgery
  • Hammertoe
  • Arthritic foot care
  • Flat feet
  • Foot pain
  • Fractures
  • Foot surgery
  • Tendonitis
  • Custom made orthotics
  • Minimally invasive foot surgery
  • Neuroma
  • Ankle arthroscopy

Bottom Line

In the course of living our day-to-day lives, we cannot ignore the significant exposure to sports injuries. Should you suffer from this condition, you ought to seek professional help to prevent further complications. Contact Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado to schedule your same or next-day appointment.