Make ups

This article will include the following sections;

  1. Introduction
  2. How is makeup important?
  3. Order to apply makeup properly
  4. Types of makeup
  5. Wax based foundation
  6. Conclusion


So, what exactly is make up?

Makeup is being used to enhance appearance since the ancient period. Most people use makeup as part of their everyday routine to improve their appearance. Makeup is a useful method for improving biological attractiveness. Many people that wear makeup feel that if they reveal their normal, untouched face, they will be unable to achieve any of these goals and will be handled differently. It turns out that the fears that drive them to wear makeup each day are backed up by science. And, according to psychology, even though we can’t see the symmetry, we are more attracted to symmetrical faces.

How is makeup important?

Why do people love makeup so much and why are they important nowadays?

You might not even know it, but most of our faces are distinctly asymmetrical. Either one side is wider than another, eye shapes vary slightly, one cheekbone is less prominent, and many more. The less differences a face has, the more beautiful it is thought to be. Makeup could balance out skin tone and contouring, as well as make certain features look more symmetrical with stuff like lipliner and eyeliner.

People say that makeup gives them more confidence and that they don’t feel really “finished” without it; others might say that they enjoy playing with various looks and colours as a way of expressing oneself, and that face paint has a pleasant, dramatic aspect that enables them to channel various personalities and styles.

Makeup also aids in the protection of your skin from toxins and smog, which can damage it. Makeup forms a thin layer around the skin to protect it from direct contact with particles. Although makeup will not provide complete cover, the chances of harm will be kept to a minimum range.

Order to apply makeup properly

  1. Start with applying moisturizer.
  2. Apply proper primer.
  3. Apply the foundation.
  4. Apply concealer.
  5. Apply bronzer with blush.
  6. Apply highlighter.
  7. Apply eyeshadow.
  8. Apply eyeliner.
  9. Apply mascara.
  10. Apply lip liner.
  11. Apply lipstick with lip gloss.
  12. Apply setting powder with setting spray.

Types of makeup

There are various different types of makeup, varying according to the outcomes and usage situations. Some of the popular types are mentioned below.

01. Minimal natural makeup

Dramatic, bright, and loud bold makeup isn’t for everyone, particularly for daytime appearances and events. This is where the natural makeup look comes into play. It starts with a light base to offer you an even tone, then adds subtle colours to draw attention to your best features.

It makes you appear like you’re blushing and it helps you feel like you’re all peaches and pinks. It’s the ideal makeup look for when you want to look put-together but not overly so. It has the advantage of making you appear flawless while remaining undetectable to your natural beauty.

02. Airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup is simply applying makeup using an airbrush rather than conventional makeup tools such as brushes and sponges. It produces a smooth coat of makeup that gives you a flawless appearance. It can feel heavy at first, particularly in humid weather, but it persists for hours. To do airbrush makeup for brides, various types of makeup brushes are available.

For the cheeks, the artist uses big brushes and for the eyes, he uses elegant brushes. Of all the various styles of makeup looks, airbrush makeup has the most flawless and seamless appearance. It perfectly conceals any blemishes, dark spots, or uneven skin tone without appearing cakey or unhealthy.

03. High-definition makeup

On our televisions and on the big screen, we normally see people wearing HD, or High Definition, makeup. Precision cameras can catch every line and crease on the face, whether natural and created by layers of makeup, with ease. HD makeup is a process that utilizes translucent makeup to conceal lines and creases while also ensuring that the makeup does not contour over time.

 As a result, the skin appears radiant and camera-ready for hours on end. The best thing about HD makeup is that it is light and airy, allowing you to look completely natural both on and off camera. This can leave the skin looking youthful and radiant for multiple hours.

Foundation makeup

Foundation is a common form of makeup that is applied to the entire face to provide an even framework for the remainder of the makeup. The correct formula can conceal blemishes, balance out skin tone, blur imperfections, and produce a smooth, even surface.

01. Wax-based foundation

When you use or wear a wax-based makeup every day, it will help keep your skin from appearing dry. You’ll certainly want to use a beauty product that is suitable for this skin condition. Keeping care of your skin and making sure you look your finest every day will boost your self-esteem. Wax is an excellent waterproofing sealant. Similarly, wax will prevent the skin from breathing and releasing moisture as it should. There are also formulas accessible based on your chosen quality, level of coverage, and desired outcome.

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This article covered the basics and methodologies of make ups. Moreover, a proper order on applying makeup products were also mentioned.

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