5 Ways to Clean and Care for Your Gemstone Jewelry

Are you having problems cleaning your gemstone jewelry? ‌‌

Jewelry has become a part of our culture for over 25,000 years. Even to this day, we wear jewelry as a symbol of our current wealth and status. They’re popular enough that global sales of jewelry have risen to €250 billion in 2020.

However, most people don’t know how to take care of their jewelry. This is especially troublesome for gemstone jewelry as their jewels need proper care lest they get scratched.

To learn how you can properly care for the gemstones in your jewelry, read what’s below. Learn the proper cleaning and care techniques to use on your jewels.

1. Know Your Gemstones

Before buying jewelry, you need to know your gemstones. Each gemstone has different properties and will react differently to some cleaning methods. Learning these properties ensures that your gems will not break.

Some gems are sensitive to heat and can have violent reactions to chemicals. Corrosive detergents and other cleaning materials can weaken tiny and inclusive crystals.

You can also check out this gemstone guide to help you understand what your jewelry needs.

2. Handle With Care

Cleaning your jewelry isn’t the only way to keep them in good shape. You need to handle them all with care, even before use. One thing you should avoid doing is spraying them with perfumes.

Most people think that doing this doesn’t affect the gem, but it can weaken its physical structure. It also reduces the sheen of the gem, making them duller over time.

You should also keep it dry as much as possible. Things like water and sweat can upset how the gem looks. Keep them in a dry place and take them off if you feel yourself sweating.

Pre-use care and maintenance knowledge help prevent the fast loss of gemstones. Remember that simple mundane tasks can deteriorate jewelry without us knowing.

3. Having It Checked Regularly by Professional

There will be times when you are unsure of what to do with your jewelry. When this happens, it’s best that you have a professional look at it.

Jewelers have in-depth knowledge in caring for gemstone jewelry. They can identify any problems that you may have and can even give you advice to you for proper care.

4. Gemstone Jewelry Treatment and Enhancement

Gemstone treatments and enhances the appearance by giving the stone complete cleaning. It also improves the stone’s transparency, but can cause damage if it undergoes oil-treatment.

5. Use the Right Gemstone Brush

If you want a more manual approach to cleaning gemstone jewelry, try using a gem brush. Use brushes with soft bristles as they can clean most stones without scratches. Though most gemstones are hard, they can get scratches when you use hard bristles brushes.

Take Care of Your Gemstone Jewelry Today

Your gemstones need as much care and cleaning as you do or they’ll lose their beauty and shine. With the tips above, you will have no problems caring for your gemstone jewelry. Check them out and keep your gemstones beautiful today!

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