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4 Hair Trends That Will Take Over This Fall Season

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean the quarantine hair fun has to end. With fall in full effect, now’s the perfect time to try out new shades or even a bold cut. So, whether you’ve found the best hairstylist in town, or simply became your own, there are plenty of styles to explore. Check out these 4 hair trends that will take over this fall season. 

Shag Haircuts For The Modern Woman 

Shag cuts are a classic style from the 70s, which quickly gained popularity thanks to its easy-going, effortless vibe. That’s why it stuck around for a long time due to its low-maintenance and stylish results. Today’s versions of the shag cut serve more to flatter a person’s looks, rather than just be messy for the sake of itself.

One way that the shag cut is being modernized is by making it sleek and wavy, while still retaining its free-flowing, low-maintenance look. Some styles copy Karlie Kloss’s short shag cut with tousled tips. Others give it more curls, ringlets, and other texture features. Or, they go all-out messy and wild like Natasha Lyonne’s boldly textured waves, somehow looking both fierce and polished all at once. 

Highlights And Colors 

This is more of a supplementary style choice, but it can have a major impact on your overall look. Take Lucy Hale’s pastel highlights, for example. Apart from livening up her chosen hairstyle, it serves to add a warm glow to her locks, which is perfect for the fall season. In a similar vein, there are Issa Rae’s bronze-tipped curls. This highlighting method gives hair a deeper, regal-feeling sheen that also infuses it with warmth.

The best thing about this design trend is that it’s easy enough to do at home. Just apply a quality hair color remover to colored hair, and apply the toner. All you need is a careful hand, some aluminum foil, temporary dye, and someone to help out if possible. 

Bangs Are Back In Business

Now’s the perfect time for curtain bangs that give the front a textured, messy look. For those who aren’t ready to go for the blunt-bang long, opt for side-swept bangs like Hillary Duff. Or, you can opt for baby bangs if you want something lighter and won’t overwhelm the face.   

Stay Long, Stray Strong

While bobs were big last year, this year is all about the length that reaches the middle of your back or even further. As seen on all the latest catwalk shows in New York, Milan, Paris, and London, the idea is to achieve a natural cut without layers. While this style can be worn straight or curly, it needs regular attention. So be sure to keep the ends well-maintenance and use quality products for your hair care needs. 

Hats, caps, and now balaclavas, don’t forget to maintain your tresses with proper headwear this winter. Hair slides, clips, and pins in a range of styles will also be trending this season, so be sure to style your hair up with slides, clips, or bandanas to let your hair down.