hands and nails

How to take care of your hands and nails?

Having beautiful nails is a dream for every other girl who is addicted to new fashion trends. For beautiful nails, you need to follow several tips. From a healthy diet to clean hands, every step counts a lot in this matter. 

The health of your nails indicates a lot of things about your overall health. People mostly do not notice these indications, but your beautiful hands and nails matter a lot from your health’s perspective. 

These are a few diseases that can be diagnosed just by looking at the condition of your nails. For further information, check here

  • Kidney disorder
  • Arthritis
  • Psoriasis 
  • Darier disease 
  • Moles 
  • Stress 

To keep healthy nails, you need to make sure that the nail paints and the manicure tools you are using to design them are safe and reliable. Nowadays, buying nail products is quite easy, and every other shopkeeper claims to sell the best acrylic nail brand. 

Being a wise buyer, you should keep an eye on scams; otherwise, you will confront severe health issues. Here is a buyer’s guide for buying the best acrylic nail products.  

These are some great and practical tips that can help you keep the best nails and hands possible so that whenever you ask for a manicure, it would give you incredible results. 

Wash and keep your hands clean 

Keeping your hands clean is an essential step. Many times, our hands and nails do not look great only because the bacteria on our skin are destroying the outer skin barrier. Whenever you feel that your hands are oily or dirty, clean them with regular anti-bacterial soap. You must be thinking that using a cosmetic soap will be better, but let me tell you that even though the anti-bacterial soap will dry out your hands, it will lower the risk of viruses and bacteria. So, it is always better to use anti-bacterial soap.

Some other tips regarding washing your hands are 

  • Always use cold or tap water to wash your hands. 
  • Washing too much is not necessary; only wash when you feel they are dirty. 
  • Use a small brush to clean the nails. 

Cut and trim your nails.

If you do not want to get sick, only because your nails were carrying germs, then make sure that your trim them on time. You need a nail cutter, a nail polish remover, a cuticle pusher, and an emery board to clean and polish your nails. 

You might think that using so many tools will take a lot of time, but it will not be a surprise. A regular nail shaping and polishing will only take 15 minutes, and 15 minutes within two weeks is not ordinary. It it a good idea to invest in an at home nail kit.

Scrub your hands and moisturize 

Soft hands are always beautiful. After every few days, you should exfoliate your hands. The dead skin can be a real culprit in making your hands rough and untidy. You can make your exfoliator or buy some from the drugstore. 

For making it at home, you need some sugar and extra virgin olive oil. Mix them and apply on your hands, gently rub the mixture over your hands and wash them with baby soap. Next, you should use a softening and repairing hand cream. If you have any cracks on your hands, then ointments will be the best solutions. 

Use vitamin E for nails.

If you want to grow stronger and longer nails, then you need to put some extra effort. Buy a small bottle of vitamin E oil and apply it regularly on your nails. This way, your nails will not dry up, and the painful hanging nails will only remain a nightmare.