What Is Acrylic Liquid?

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Acrylic nails – also known as fake nails – are filling the lives of women with trendy colors and utmost glamour. With this trendy nail art technique, individuals can make the colors, patterns, and designs of their dreams and fantasies come to life. However, the process of achieving this dazzling nail art is not that easy, and that is where the acrylic liquid comes to the rescue.

An acrylic liquid, also known as the monomer, is an active and essential ingredient used in acrylic manicures. It is usually mixed with a polymer powder and helps stick the fake nails to your real nails for a long. Also, it provides your acrylic manicure with a polished and smooth finish that looks beautiful and glamorous, both.

Nail bars and spas charge quite a few dollars for a perfect acrylic manicure. But did you know that you can also ace the dazzling acrylic nails at home all by yourself? All you will need is a good quality Acrylic Liquid and the best manicure set. Also, below, we’re sharing what you should look for when buying an acrylic liquid and how to achieve a perfect manicure with it at home. Keep

What Is The Best Type of Acrylic Liquid?

While you are browsing to shop for an acrylic liquid, always make sure you choose the one that contains EMA (Ethyl Methacrylate) and not MMA (Methyl Methacrylate). This is because the formulas containing MMA are toxic and can cause a lot of damage to your nails. While on the other side, the EMA ones are entirely safe to use and non-toxic. However, they have a strong odor, so make sure you open all windows for proper ventilation. Also, look for options that take longer to dry so that you have time to fix the mistakes.

How To Do Manicure With Acrylic Liquid At Home

Here is a step by step guide to DIY a perfect and flawless acrylic manicure with an acrylic liquid at home:

Buy An Acrylic Nail Kit

The first step is to buy a good-quality acrylic nail kit from a well-known brand. An acrylic nail kit contains an acrylic liquid, powder, and a brush. Again, make sure you opt for a kit whose liquid does not contain MMA.

Gather All The Supplies and Get Your Nails Ready

After the kit, you will need to buy accessories like nail tip glue, nail clippers, filers, an acrylic bowl, and an acrylic brush. Then, trim your nails, buff them, and remove acrylic nails if there are any. For proper nail care, using the antifungal treatment amorolfine nail lacquer is essential.

Apply the Acrylic Nails

Take the acrylic nails and then file them according to your desired size. Then, apply some acrylic glue on them and stick them on your real nails. Press and hold each nail for at least 10 seconds, and make sure to take a small amount of glue.

Mixing The Acrylic Liquid and Powder

Take two acrylic dishes and pour the acrylic liquid and powder into them separately. Then, slowly dip the brush in acrylic liquid, take it out, and brush it against the side of the bowl. After that, move towards the powder and run the brush slowly on it. Also, make sure not to take too much powder; there should be a balanced ratio.

Applying The Mixture

Start applying the brush with acrylic mixture on your nails, slowly and neatly. Also, remember to wipe the brush after every nail and take the mixture again. After doing all the 10 nails, let the acrylic dry. After 10 minutes, your perfect acrylic manicure would be done! Paint them with your desired color, and enjoy!


Always remember that a good quality acrylic liquid is the key factor to achieving a brilliant and gleaming acrylic manicure. After finding the best one, follow all the steps mentioned above and see your nails shine brighter than ever!