3 Style Ideas To Impress A Girl On A First Date

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A great first impression is essential particularly on a first date because there is a great chance that what she thinks about you initially may create an imprint that can prove to be difficult to replace later on. This is the reason why you need to dress to impress a girl on a first date. To have a good idea of how you will be able to pull it off, below are some style tips.

  1. Rock with jeans

One of the best style ideas when going on a first date is to look masculine, while keeping it casual and simple, by wearing the right type of jeans. It will help if you choose a fit that can highlight one of your best assets such as your front load. To know how to make your bulge look bigger in jeans, try out different denim cuts that will complement not only your hind area but your manhood too. Aside from the cut of jeans, you can also take in supplements that can enlarge your package so you can feel confident regardless of the cut and fit of the jeans on you.

To make your style simple and casual, you can pair up your jeans with a shirt or a top that is not outlandish but can enhance your biceps or your chest area. As much as possible, stay away from neon colors or big and bold floral prints. Rather, go for hues such as blue or maroon instead to keep a relaxed but not a sloppy look.

  1. Steer clear from khakis

In going on a first date, avoid wearing your khakis, no matter how comfortable you feel in them. The reason behind this is that khakis induce the vibe of a casual workplace and this is not really what you are after on a first date. Opt for medium to dark jeans instead paired with a crisp linen shirt that will make you look more appealing. In this case, your date will know that you have put in an extra effort to look good for your first date.

  1. Splash some color

Finally, try to accentuate your style by splashing in a bit of color, especially if you are sporting a black attire. In this case, you can pair your outfit with a light-colored sweater or light brown boots that go perfectly with dark jeans. That being said, be conscious of the shoes you intend to wear too. It will also help to spray on a light scent that will make your woman lean closer to you rather than otherwise.

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To wrap things up, you can rock out your look with the perfect pair of jeans and avoid wearing khakis. You can also spruce up your style by splashing in some color. True enough, the manner you dress can create a lasting impression on your date. But keep in mind that the way you carry yourself, as well as your personality, can speak volumes about you, such that to impress a girl on a first date, it’s not solely all about what you wear.