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Mobile Apps That Are Helpful For Study

Studentship is a wonderful time. It is full of bright moments, many even make friends for life. A modern student (and any person) cannot be imagined without a smartphone. However, it can be used not only to entertain and communicate. So, a huge number of mobile applications can be successfully used for educational purposes. With the help of useful applications you can make your learning process much easier and organized. Such applications can consolidate the completed academic material and learn new interesting educational facts. Definitely, you will spend your working time with a maximum benefit using such mobile apps.

Our experts from the Pro-Papers team have compiled their own list of the most recommended and useful applications for effective learning. It’s like getting a teaching assistant courses from home.


Paper notebooks go out of fashion, and they are replaced by electronic organizers that allow you to literally control the learning process. The iStudiez application will help you keep a schedule and not lose important things from sight.      

Book out loud (audiobooks)

The imaginative literature often should be read in universities, sometimes students just want to pamper themselves with easy reading. The time for this is less and less, the eyes are often busy with something else. Listening to audiobooks can be one of the solutions – so you “read” such books while you are going home, for example. The application is quite convenient and has wide functionality.

MyScript Calculator

The calculator, which is built into any smartphone, unfortunately, is not suitable for solving multi-level examples. However, the MyScript Calculator application solves this problem at one stroke! You just need to write the equation on the phone screen, and it will be solved in a matter of seconds.

Smart alarm clock

One of the main functions of the smartphone, which people use every day, is the alarm clock. But for many, waking up in the morning is real torture. You remember the phrase “5 more minutes, please”, after which you turn off the ringing phone and continue to sleep safely? And then a sudden awakening, panic, tardiness, in general, a lot of problems. But there are already many non-standard alarms that will do everything to get you out of bed.

The idea of this application is very simple. To turn off the nasty melody that interferes with sleep, you have to get up and take a picture of someplace in the apartment (or on the street). The method is complicated, but if you have problems with waking up in the morning, then this may work. The program can flexibly adjust the shooting conditions to reduce the number of errors.


This mobile app contains a variety of different popular courses from the best universities in the world on a wide range of subjects – from biology to geography. This is just a great chance to get useful information from reliable sources.

Applications that check punctuation

Although the Internet space is not very picky in terms of grammar, adherence to the rules of punctuation and spelling will never be harmful. And with these applications, you can easily increase your skill with light movements and without tension.


Writing lectures is too difficult and useless, to be honest. Another thing, if you record them on a voice recorder! Recordium is your best assistant in order not to miss important information from a lecture at the university.


This application is aimed to teach you to read rapidly, which is an indispensable skill for a young person. Keep your own library in your device is no longer a problem, it remains only to read it. Practice, and you will see your reading skill improve effectively.


Learning the basics of programming is not late at any age, they found it at Google and released the Grasshopper application, which teaches the initial JavaScript course playfully. The development is distributed completely free of charge and is already available for download in the Google Play catalog.

PROMT Offline

A huge number of foreign languages are available every second with the PROMT Offline application with the Dialog function. The screen of your smartphone or tablet is divided in half, and the desired side is turned to the interlocutor, speaking the appropriate language. You simply press the microphone button, slander your phrase in your native language, after which the application recognizes your speech, converts it into text, translates and displays the translation on the screen. If necessary, you can listen to the resulting translation by clicking on the speaker icon.

Having heard and understood your question, the interlocutor does the same: he/she clicks on the microphone for his part, dictates the phrase in his language and receives a translation into your language. Thus, even abroad, in an unfamiliar country, you are unlikely to get lost or will not be able to reach the local residents.

Use technology wisely and to the maximum, and then the desired success in learning will not take long!