Three Basic Ways to Banish Acne for Good

We’ve all suffered from bad skin at one point or another. Poor dietary choices, daily stress, and even our beauty regimes can all contribute, and sometimes it takes sitting down and thinking about what could be causing your acne to really get on top of it.

With this in mind, we’ve written this article. Helping to pinpoint three common acne catalysts and how best to combat them, it should enable you to be proactive and tackle the problem in no time.

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Learn to relax

Did you know stress is one of the most common causes of acne in people of all ages? This is because it triggers your body to produce stress hormones like cortisol, which encourages your oil glands to make excess testosterone and in turn stimulates oil production and clogs your pores. Thankfully, there’s plenty you can do about it, and most of the steps you take will be beneficial not just for your dermatological health, but your mental wellbeing too.

So what do the experts recommend? Regular exercise, meditation, and taking some time out of your busy schedule to focus on things that are calming and enjoyable. The latter is fully subjective; it can include everything from reading a good book to taking your dog for a walk or even playing slot games online. This means that whether you want to bury your head between the pages of the latest bestseller or find a suitable bonus for playing casino games such as slots, baccarat, and roulette on the internet, you have the perfect excuse to indulge in some you-time.

The end result will release stress, regulate hormone production, and sort your skin out without any costly or complicated intervention.

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Take a peek in your makeup bag

Were you aware that the products in your makeup bag could be causing you problems too? Mineral oil is a prime example, and this overly heavy moisturizing agent can be found in lots of cosmetic lotions and potions, despite its tendency to clog pores and lead to breakouts. Silicones, found in plenty of skin care products, can also be a major culprit in catalyzing blemishes.

Again, there are some super easy fixes if you’re one of the many affected. Firstly, you can start by making sure all of the skincare items you use are labeled as noncomedogenic, meaning they’ve been specially formulated so they won’t clog your pores.

If you continue to break out, there may still be something more you can do before resorting to medicinal fixes, so we recommend approaching a dermatologist. Working alongside you, they’ll be able to figure out whether there are any other ingredients which could be responsible for your issues, and if so, what it is you need to avoid purchasing in the future

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Cut out spicy foods

Last but not least, we recommend reducing your intake of spicy foods if you’re struggling to get on top of skin problems. These often contain ingredients like tomatoes and pepper, both of which contain a potential irritant known as acidic lycopene. Ingesting this can have the effect of upsetting your pH levels, which is a major cause of breakouts.

Of course, it isn’t just spicy foods that can trigger skin problems. Dairy, bread, and pretty much anything else you eat can cause issues for those who are sensitive to particular ingredients in their makeup, so keeping a food diary to figure out the culprit can be a good idea.

Luckily, if you are one of those whose problems are primarily caused by food, the solution is simple: You simply need to cut the ingredient out of your diet. This is best done with the assistance of either a professional dermatologist or a gastroenterologist, so you know you’re not fixing one problem only to cause issues elsewhere.

Follow these three top tips today and see how they help your skin.